Britney Spears’ new mansion cost $7.4 million and it’s stunning

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Britney Spears’ new tour may have a ‘Jersey Shore’ flavor with Pauly D a potential addition

On "Good Morning America" Tuesday, Britney Spears told Robin Roberts she was "going on tour with Enrique Iglesias in June." Only hours after she made the announcement and a press release was circulated, the Latin heartthrob seemed to have had, well, a change of heart, and pulled out of the tour due to what we're told were "scheduling conflicts." The good news for pop consumers who were hoping to get a swarthy side of man candy with their bubblegum-and-Jagermeister Britney fix: We hear DJ Paul (Pauly D) DelVecchio may join Spears on her "Femme Fatale" tour. It's unlikely the reality star, who had Spears as his "special guest" at The Palms Las Vegas last Friday (where he is a resident deejay), will be along for the entirety of the tour. He'll begin taping a fourth season of "Jersey Shore" in Italy next month. Still, the pairing comes as no surprise to us. The Italian stud and the Southern songstress are represented by the same manager, Larry Rudolph.  Mellencamp's no Cougar John Mellencamp is with the over-40 ladies on this one: Nobody likes getting called a cougar. In a Q&A Monday night at 92nd Street Y, Rolling Stone's David Fricke asked the "Hurts So Good" rocker the worst thing a record company ever asked him to do. "Making me change my name to Johnny Cougar," he replied. Mellencamp also relates to the angst of aging. Admitting that he was once considered rather handsome, he said that he now felt like a "stack of sh—." Ah, vanity! Perhaps he should look into those new man-Spanx? The chat wasn't limited to gripes. Mellencamp revealed he'll have a one-man show of his paintings at the Tennessee State Museum — and did a spot-on impression of Miles Davis while discussing their two-man show years ago. Gal pal Meg Ryan came along for the evening, but after briefly hanging out backstage, she sat in the audience like an ordinary fan. Salute on Ellis Island with Joe Yankees fans who'll miss Joe Torre on Opening Day Thursday can catch Continue Reading

Britney Spears forgets her underwear – again

Get the latest from Fashion Week: Fashion Dish blogBritney Spears managed a smile after her abysmal performance at MTV's Video Music Awards. Too bad that smile wasn't on her face. As if we hadn't seen enough of the plump tartlet onstage in her spangly two-piece, Miss Brit again forgot to wear underwear when she hit the Vegas Strip Sunday night. Spears showed lensmen her best angle as she shimmied out of a limo at the Luxor Hotel. Even though it was the middle of the night, she wore the darkest of sunglasses. But whose eyes wouldn't be bleary after several days of partying? "She showed up at rehearsal 3½ hours late," says someone who was there. "And she walks in with a frozen margarita! It was so disrespectful. The network took a big gamble having her open the show." Spears didn't let her looming "comeback" appearance ruin the party. After the rehearsal, she rolled into Jet around 1 a.m. Inside of a half-hour, she downed two vodka-sodas and a kamikaze or two (courtesy of Sean Combs ), according to spies. "She just kept saying, 'Y'all, this is so much fun!'" Good thing for Brit there were other train wrecks to watch. Vegas cops slapped Kid Rock with misdemeanor battery after he allegedly slapped Tommy Lee. "When Kid found Tommy sitting in his seat at the theater, Kid told him, 'Get up, mother[bleeper]!'" a source says. "Tommy said, '[Bleep] you!'" Rock, who faces up to six months in jail, may have been irked by the attention their mutual ex-wife, Pam Anderson, was showing Lee. Later, at club LAX, wobbly Tommy told friends, "If I wasn't so wasted, I would have gotten a punch in." (See the Now section to learn why some girls love men fighting over them.)  Kanye West looked like he wanted to punch everybody at MTV after he lost in all five of his categories. "That's two years in a row, man," the tantrum-prone rapper fumed backstage. "Give a black man a chance."  Greed threatened to kill 50 Cent and his fans at his Continue Reading

Britney Spears: Worst of the mommy dearests

It's official: Britney Spears is Hollywood's worst mother - ever. When she hands over her two young sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, to ex-husband Kevin Federline tomorrow, America can breathe a collective sigh of relief that those tots will no longer have to endure their mother's gross incompetence. The laundry list of poor treatment is long. Spears reportedly abused drugs and alcohol while caring for the boys, strutted around the house naked, fed the babies gum and other sugary sweets and never bothered to brush their teeth. Worse, she put them in constant danger on the road when, legally, she shouldn't even have been behind the wheel. When Sean Preston was only 4 months old, Spears peeled out of a Malibu Starbucks with the baby on her lap and one hand on the wheel. Then there was the time she nearly dropped him in New York. Spears has treated these two little boys like rag dolls, trotting them out in public fully knowing an aggressive paparazzi mob awaited at every turn, and then mistreating them at home with her parental feebleness. Her mothering skills follow in the footsteps of some truly horrid celebrity parenting: There's "Mommie Dearest" Joan Crawford, who launched into an alcoholic rage at her adopted daughter Christina for hanging her clothes on wire hangers; Lana Turner, who dumped daughter Cheryl Crane with various nannies for months at a time before Cheryl eventually killed one of her mother's boyfriends, and an erratic and verbally abusive Judy Garland. Bad "mommy" Michael Jackson once dangled son Prince Michael 2nd (the bad parenting started when he named him that) over a fourth-floor balcony at a hotel in Berlin. Too bad for Spears that her poor child-rearing skills are on display during a golden age of Hollywood mommies. The public is so peppered with photos of loving, careful celeb moms like Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner that the sight of barefoot Britney Continue Reading

MTV Video Music Awards leaving New York

The MTV Video Music Awards are synonymous with debauchery, so it makes sense that the annual event has found a new home in Sin City - Las Vegas.After broadcasting from New York last year, the awards will air live from the Palms Casino Resort on September 9. But the network promises that the awards show will not be a one-day offering, but a three-day bash with several events leading up to the big night."We really want to showcase a lot of new talent ... and have performances all around town, really driving into the show on Sunday," the show's executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "It's going to be a full weekend event."MTV plans to use every inch of the Palms for the show, including its suites and rooftop club, to move away from a stage-show format. In addition, the repeats of the VMAs that have always saturated the network in the days after the event will be no more. Instead, MTV will broadcast "remix" versions of the show, with viewers helping to determine what clips will be replayed."We really want it to be you tune in that night and what happens you might not see again," Ignjatovic said. "The versions that follow the premiere will all be unique and original and different from the actual show."September's show will mark the show's 24th year. In recent years it has been criticized for being staid, a far cry from its zany past and the jaw-dropping moments it generated, like the Britney Spears-Madonna kiss.Ignjatovic, who has developed several shows for the network, says that by moving the show to Las Vegas and changing the way its produced, "that's going to inject a new kind of life into the format, hopefully.""It's really shaking up the way things are done," he said. "It's really taking people out of their comfort zone, taking some chances."This isn't the first time MTV has moved the VMAs out of their hometown of New York. In 2004 and 2005, Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena hosted the event. Join the Continue Reading

Catholics slam Britney Spears pix as ‘bottom of barrel’ stunt

LOS ANGELES - Kinky photos of a half-naked Britney Spears perched on a priest's lap and leaning seductively against a church confessional sparked outrage among Catholic leaders.At least one said the saucy snapshots, which grace the singer's thumping new dance album, "Blackout," are a "bottom of the barrel" stunt from a girl who really could use some quality time spent repenting sins in a wooden cubicle. "This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing," said Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League. "She's not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she's not responsible enough. Now we see she can't even entertain." A call to Spears' label, Jive Records, was not returned. Her new album, which hits store shelves today, comes amid the "Gimme More" singer's custody battle with ex-hubby Kevin Federline. The judge who stripped Spears of all but monitored visitation with her two young sons after dubbing her a "habitual" user of drugs and alcohol is expected to issue new custody orders this week. Judge Scott Gordon chastised Spears on Friday for courting paparazzi attention with her nonessential daily trips to lens-friendly places like Starbucks. "It does not seem [Spears] has been taking many steps to not keep herself in the public eye at all times," the judge said Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

GET A LEG UP! New York girls stretch their style with skinny leggings

No shoulder pads have appeared on the city's streets (yet), but New Yorkers have been spotted all over town paying homage to the '80s with sleek leggings under some of fall's best fashions. The reference may be a different decade, but this season's leggings are totally modern and worn in a completely new way. "You have to do it right to make it feel current, feel now," says celebrity stylist Alexander Allen. "For the average woman, I love to see them under a shirt-dress or a baby doll dress with an amazing pump or ankle boot." Allen also warns that as temperatures drop, Capri-length leggings look a bit too summery. So embrace the breezy fall weather, pile on the tunics and slouchy sweaters, and follow these simples rules to avoid being a fashion don't. DON'T '80s overload It was a great decade. But pick and choose your fashion flashbacks. DON'T BAD MATCH No white leggings after Labor Day - or any other time, for that matter - and go easy on the coordinated accessories. DON'T BUMMED OUT Don't show your derriere unless you're riding a bike. Tops should be long enough to cover. DO WHAT A FEELING! Joy Bryant's off-shoulder number and boots celebrate the decade of decadence. DO SHOWING HER STRIPES Jaime Pressly's sweater dress makes the most of fall's neutral color palette. And the length of her leggings: stretchy perfection. DO WHAT A FEELING! Joy Bryant's off-shoulder number and boots celebrate the decade of decadence. DO OH, BABY! Nothing's cuter over fall's leggings than a baby doll. It should fall where a miniskirt would and billow just enough for a retro romantic look. DON'T SPANDEX SIN Just a reminder: While they are versatile, leggings are not pants. If you're going to wear them, you'll need something else to cover your rump. DO TRENDSETTER From the plaid tunic to the ballet flats, this woman's got fall's hottest styles down pat. DON'T CUT-OFF The short answer - ditch the Daisy Dukes. They were a Continue Reading

BRITNEY BOUNCES BACK. Spears’ new bod & attitude sez ‘Take that, K-Fed’

If Britney Spears keeps up the pace, it'll be no time at all ­before she's back playing tonsil tennis with Madonna and dusting off the racy school uniform that shot her to fame in the first place. The newly slimmed-down blond has launched a comeback campaign before the ink dries on her divorce petition against Kevin Federline. In a carefully orchestrated PR exercise - which could rival Princess Diana's appearance in a knockout dress after Prince Charles admitted adultery, or Nicole Kidman's stinging declaration, "At least I can wear high heels again," after her split from Tom Cruise - Britney is flicking the finger at her soon-to-be ex in a clever exhibition of girl power. As it emerged that hapless K-Fed may have learned of his divorce via text message, the 24-year-old stepped out in a slinky, low-cut dress that showed off her toned legs and eye-popping cleavage. Next she dined with pals, including a mystery guy, at the popular Midtown restaurant Baldoria, before a spot of retail therapy at The Gap. She also bought a range of goodies, including sexy lingerie. After all, in addition to cutting your hair, the other "must do" for a recent singleton is rethinking the underwear drawer. Even more telling, the singer later hooked up with her former svengali, Larry Rudolph, for a fun-filled spin around the Rockefeller Plaza skating rink. Rudolph dropped off the radar when K-Fed slithered onto the scene, but had masterminded her early career. Insiders claim no one is better qualified to engineer a revival. "Britney is back playing to her strengths - and they're being a pop star," says New York City psychologist Cooper Lawrence, author of "Been There, Done That, Kept the Jewelry." "By getting her act together so quickly, she is showing Kevin, a struggling wanna-be, exactly how it's done." The 28-year-old would-be rapper let his not-so-professional mask slip Monday during a Canadian reality show in which he boasted that Britney was his "No. 1 fan" and Continue Reading

FROM ‘NOTHING’ TO ‘EVERYTHING’ Sassy Sandra Bernhard is back in New York with enough songs and zingers to go around

She's a lot older and a presumably a bit wiser since her last one-woman show, but Sandra Bernhard insists that she's in no way mellower. In "Everything Bad & Beautiful," Bernhard's first solo performance in New York in eight years, the outspoken comic-actress reprises the same formula that sparked her shows "Without You I'm Nothing" in 1988, "Giving Til It Hurts" in '92 and "I'm Still Here...Damn It!" in '98. Bernhard sings, riffs, rants, reminisces, sings some more - and, yes, even strips - onstage at the Daryl Roth Theater (101 E. 15th St., at Union Square E.). The show was recently extended to run through July 9. Bernhard turns 51 this week, is the mother of a young daughter and is in a committed relationship with a longtime girlfriend. But "I wouldn't consider me mellower," she says in her distinctive, smartass tone. "I've been performing for 30 years, and I've been doing these episodic shows since my first one in '88. Of course you evolve as an artist. But all of my work has had a through-line, because I have a point of view that doesn't really change throughout the years. I take a stand and stick by my word. "My experiences and personal moments have changed the act and point of view. ... But the actual political, cultural and sociological overview has stayed pretty much the same." Which, as Bernhard's loyal downtown fans know, is angry, edgy, sarcastic and vulgar - and not a little mocking of showbiz and politics. Between belting out pop and rock covers (by the likes of Prince, Cheap Trick and Christina Aguilera) while backed by a four-piece band, Bernhard pokes fun at Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, Secretary of State Rice and the war in Iraq. "It's a commentary on where we're at in our culture," says Bernhard. "So many people ... don't really have the confidence to take a stand politically." Even her onstage costume-change - when she un-selfconsciously takes off her form-fitting dress and puts on a T-shirt, jeans and cowboy Continue Reading

Judge rules Kesha must come to New York to fight Dr. Luke’s breach of contract, defamation countersuit

Singer Kesha will have to come to New York to duke it out with music producer Dr. Luke over her allegations that she dumped him because he drugged and raped her to get her to sign a bad contract in 2005, a Manhattan judge ruled Wednesday. Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich said she would not dismiss the lawsuit that Lukasz Gottwald brought in New York against Kesha Rose Sebert for breach of contract and defamation. Gottwald, aka Dr. Luke, sued the “Die Young” singer in New York after she accused him in the California courts of engaging in illegal conduct to get her to sign a contract that was to his advantage. Earlier this year, Kornreich said she was going to let the California courts decide their case first. But on Friday, LA Superior Court Judge Barbara Scheper froze that proceeding because Kesha's contract with Gottwald requires her to settle their differences in New York courts unless she can prove they should not. Kesha had argued that her publishing and recording contracts with Gottwald should be voided because she did not freely enter into them, but Scheper found the “Tik Tok” singer had provided “no evidence to support her assertion that the agreements were not entered into freely or voluntarily as a result of arm's length negotiations." The lawsuits on each coast started last year after Kesha dumped Gottwald at the urging of her mother Pebe Sebert and the singer's new manager, Jack Rovner. Rovner's lawer, Daniel Petrocelli, argued in Manhattan Wednesday that his client and Rovner's company, Vector Management, should be dismissed from Gottwald's case because Rovner was only doing his job when he advised Kesha to shun recording dates in Gottwald's studios. "We're collateral damage caught in the crossfire between Kesha and Dr. Luke," he said. Kornreich postponed a decision on that request, but otherwise ruled that Gottwald can now proceed. Dr. Luke Continue Reading