Paparazzo who captured Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown is selling the famous umbrella

The umbrella Britney Spears used to attack a paparazzo is up for grabs — for the right price. Daniel Ramos, the photographer who famously captured pop star Britney Spears' infamous 2007 meltdown, has decided to auction off the dark green umbrella 10 years after the incident, and donate half of the proceeds to the charity of Spears' choice, he told Vice’s Broadly on Tuesday. It is unclear how much the umbrella will end up selling for. Spears, who was 25 at the time, attacked Ramos and his SUV with the umbrella after he and other paparazzi were trying to grab photos of the "Lucky" singer days after she shaved her own head at an L.A. salon. She had been going through a tough time as she was undergoing a custody battle with her then-estranged husband Kevin Federline, the father of her two boys. Ramos, 49, even questioned if Spears was alright while taking photos that day. "I'm concerned about you," he said in a video at the time. Spears' distant cousin was driving the car and begged paparazzi to stop — but it was too late. The singer had already exited the car, shouted "f--k you" and smashed Ramos' SUV with the umbrella and even struck him in the back. "It was a bad moment in her life," Ramos told Broadly. "Unfortunately it was captured." The photographer — who is releasing a documentary on the world of paparazzi — also settled a lawsuit with Kanye West after the rapper allegedly assaulted him at LAX in 2013. Continue Reading

Britney Spears wants to work on a duet with Selena Gomez

Hit Selena up one more time, Brit! During a Twitter exchange with a Selena Gomez fan account, Britney Spears expressed interest in performing a duet with the 23-year-old queen of Instagram — the “Hands to Myself” singer, however, has not yet responded to the offer. The idea was born when the Gomez fan account Official Selenators, posted a Snapchat clip of the former Disney channel star with an emoji crown over her head. “Well babe, technically I have done a duet with Britney, called ‘Hands,’ buy it,” she says in the short clip. Gomez is referring to the charity single — where she joined up with Gwen Stefani, Megan Trainor and Jennifer Lopez as well as Spears — which honors and raises money for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando. The snap, which has been retweeted and liked thousands of times, eventually caught the eye of the “I’m a Slave 4 U” songstress. “Technically, yes...” Brit tweeted. “But when are we working on our actual duet @selenagomez?” And even though she hasn’t responded to Spears — or all of the fans now freaking out over the potential collaboration — it’s not unlikely she’ll agree. In an interview with Marie Claire earlier this year, Gomez revealed her first concert was none other than her new potential duet partner. “My first concert was Britney Spears,” she told the magazine. “First CD I ever bought as well... ‘Baby One More Time.’ We were all the way up in the nosebleed where I was living my life, it was so fun.” Continue Reading

Britney Spears has issues with small stage size for her Las Vegas shows at Planet Hollywood

Earlier this month Britney Spears announced her much-hyped Las Vegas residency with a drama-filled late-night chopper landing in the middle of the desert, but that may be as big as the actual show gets, a Spears source tells [email protected] Spears starts her two-year stay for “Britney Spears: Piece of Me,” at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Dec. 27, and will (hopefully) complete 48 concerts per year for a $15 million payday. But the “Toxic” singer is already having issues with the venue, specifically the stage’s size and shape. She says it’s too small for her and is demanding to know where the pyrotechnics will be, our source says. Victor Chavez/WireImage Rumors are still swirling that Spears will lip-sync her songs during her Las Vegas residency. The singer, who’s used to selling out arenas, has been assigned to perform in the old “Peepshow” quarters, once home to Holly Madison and rapper Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin. But the same tiny stage is reportedly still in place and is clearly meant for a much smaller production. “When Celine Dion came to Vegas, they built her the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and that was a production just for her,” says our source. “When Britney was announced, they barely touched the stage. She’ll be on the same stage as Holly was with a pole. Producers think Britney can make do with two balloons and a feather boa.” Our source adds that Spears is especially disappointed with the lack of theatrics, mostly because she’s worried that the simple set will draw attention to any possible lip-synching. Spears’ spokesperson has denied she’ll just be moving her pretty lips and says she’s been in vocal training for months. “There is a new set, but they have not gone all out,” says our tipster, who has been in touch with Spears this week. “It’s like Britney unplugged, and Britney Continue Reading

Britney Spears wants everyone in sync on questions about her singing

Oops, she’s done it again. Britney Spears is going to incredible lengths to cover up her reported plans to lip-sync her way through her much-hyped Las Vegas residency. Her minions have created a cheat sheet of scripted answers to be rattled off to curious fans — and [email protected] has obtained a copy. We first revealed last month that, according to a well-placed source, the “Toxic” singer will be phoning in her “Britney: Piece of Me” shows, which will take place over the course of two years at Planet Hollywood in Sin City. “Britney does not sing. She is being paid a lot of money to lip-sync,” our source told us at the time. Team Britney went into meltdown after we broke that story and ordered up the “phone guide” sheet, to be used by staffers at Planet Hollywood if they’re quizzed about the show, according to our source. Our source, who is connected to Planet Hollywood, provided the purported cheat sheet. It begins with responses to anyone who asks if Britney will be singing live. “Yes! She will be singing live!” “Certainly she will be singing live!” “Yes, all vocals will be live!” “No lip syncing will happen at the show,” the sheet states. Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel Britney is due to start her Las Vegas dates in Dec. 27. The economical-with-the-truth document also include an answer to anyone who dares ask if the show will include live music. “Yes of course! There will be a special live band at ALL DATES,” it says. But a “special notes” section of the sheet seems to indicate otherwise. “All vocals will be prerecorded,” it says. It admits that the “live band” “will be prerecorded also.” The sheet instructs staffers to “try and stay in the margins of the provided answers and refrain from elaborating replies.” Brit-Brit, who Continue Reading

Courtney Love’s story could grab a Broadway spotlight, says manager Sam Lutfi in suit against Britney Spears

It took a witness, under oath, to reveal Courtney Love’s plans for the Great White Way. Music industry manager Sam Lutfi — who apparently has a knack for troubled pop stars — was testifying against his former client Britney Spears Wednesday when plans for the Hole singer’s Broadway debut slipped out. “[Courtney Love and I] are currently working on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue, based on her life and Kurt Cobain’s,” Lutfi testified in the L.A. court where he’s suing Spears and her parents for libel and breach of contract, along with millions in unpaid management fees. Lutfi, who claims he was hired by the “X Factor” judge as her manager in 2007 and 2008, said that he “currently co-manage[s] Ms. Love … She’s an accomplished actress.” Love, of course, is the 48-year-old widow of the late Nirvana singer who killed himself in 1994. Despite his testimony, after court Lutfi tried to backpedal about the plan. CELEBRITY PHOTOS OF THE WEEK A spokesman for Love, who has 15 acting credits to her name on the IMDB website, including “The People Vs. Larry Flynt,” had no comment on any of Lutfi’s statements, but a source close to the bleached-blond “Hole” singer confirms Lutfi is indeed her co-manager. “She’s been talking about doing a movie or play about her life with Kurt [Cobain] for a long time,” says the insider, who adds that, “So far, nothing has materialized from it.” “It’s an idea,” Lutfi told the News’ Nancy Dillon in the courthouse after testifying, when asked what stage the potential motion picture or play is in. “I’m sorry. I can’t say anything more.” The source close to Love says “it’s been her dream to get her side of the story out” but that she’s “never made any Continue Reading

Courtney Love Facebooks odd claims of Britney Spears molestation

BEST OF THE REST: Has Courtney Love completely lost it? The troubled songstress took to her Facebook page Wednesday to make some ridiculous claims about Britney Spears and BritBrit's father, Jamie. "britneys dad molested her," she posted. "Imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for thier sexual content every nightinsane right? Im SO not affraid of the little trolls who hit this when i was f***** up who are called lawyers. lets GO." She's back! Julie Andrews is set to perform in London this spring, a whopping 30 years after her last appearance on the British stage. Concert promoters AEG Europe announced Wednesday that the "Mary Poppins" and "Sound of Music" star will appear at London's O2 Arena on May 8. Andrews had noncancerous throat nodules removed in 1997 — the aftermath of which left her temporarily unable to sing. High rollers it has just been announced that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave a whopping $6.8 million to charities in 2008 through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Lucky charities like Global Health, Human Rights Watch, the Armed Services YMCA and Pitt's own Make It Right Foundation, which is dedicated to rebuilding New Orleans, profited from the A-list couple. Nicole Kidman doesn't have a bun in the oven. After photos of the actress holding her belly at the American Music Awards surfaced on Monday, rumors were rampant that Keith Urban's wife was with child. But a rep for the "Nine" actress insists, "This is not true." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’ tour gets another ring

Britney Spears' dating life - like her tour - has turned into one giant "Circus." Last month, we reported that the pop star was bumping and grinding with a tour backup dancer named Geo while her daddy was taking care of business in L.A. Reports then surfaced that Brit is making sweet music with yet another backup dancer, 21-year-old Chase Benz. Now a whole 'nother case of crazy is coming out: An employee of land developer John Sundahl is claiming Brit and Sundahl are going to tie the knot! According to The National Enquirer, Sundahl, a 40-year-old real estate whiz kid, met the pop princess in rehab in 2007 during Britney's bald days - and has held a torch for her ever since. The multimillionaire's personal pilot, who referred to himself as "Lance Chase," told us: "Britney and John used to date, but they reconnected after her show in New Jersey, and now they're engaged. He got down on one knee in a Subway sandwich shop in Santa Monica a week ago and proposed with a $4.5 million marquise-cut diamond that he bought at a Frankfurt jewelry store." Chase continued crazily, "They plan on getting married at his aunt's farm in Germany in six weeks. It's very hush-hush, even to the employees. He's even putting a $350K fence around the property." We caught up with Sundahl - who's so wealthy that he's currently staying at his parents' house in Woodland Hills, Calif. - and got his side of the "story." "I don't want to talk about that," he said, before changing his tune and spilling some details about his "relationship" with the singer. "Britney doesn't want to do anything until the tour is over. She wants press for her tour and not for an engagement," he dished subtly. A representative for Spears said: "Britney is not engaged, she did not get proposed to at Subway last week - she is currently on tour - she is not getting married on a farm in Germany, she did not receive a $4.5 million marquise-cut diamond ring. Oh, and she has not been Continue Reading

Britney Spears comes to town for charity to raise autism awareness

Fresh off her custody deal, Britney Spears showed her charitable side as she continues on the road to recovery.The one-time pop train wreck showed up over the weekend at a celebrity fund-raiser for Generation Rescue, which increases awareness about autism. The Los Angeles party was hosted by actor Jim Carrey and former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy, who has an autistic child. "The difference from the beginning of this year to now is astonishing," Spears' lawyer Laura Wasser said. Spears, 26, made the appearance less than eight months after an epic meltdown in which she was strapped to a gurney and sent to a psych ward. For weeks, Spears was barred from seeing her two kids. Last week she cut a deal with ex-husband Kevin Federline that gives him full custody and grants her three visits a week with the kids. If all goes well, she could have Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, as much as 40% of the time, Wasser said. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Bid for Britney’s Bits

Photos of a bare-bottomed Britney Spears — from the night she stripped down to change into the fishnets and bikini the dancers were wearing at One on Little W. 12th St. — will soon be sold to the highest bidder. In a rare show of coupledom, Diddy hit Marquee with his baby mama Kim Porter late Saturday night. Josh Hartnett seems to be working through a palette of hair colors in his choice of women. Spotted recently with Helena Christensen, Scarlett Johansson and Gisele Bundchen, the "Black Dahlia" actor was seen out late over the weekend with a mystery blond at the Beatrice Inn. "They were not cuddling or anything, but they were just obviously together," says a spy. "And they left together." We hear Hartnett's hottie was "very pretty but wore no makeup. She was very lower East Side cool." Oil-heir bad boy Brandon Davis can't get away with his nasty remarks in New York. When Paris Hilton's L.A. hanger-on insulted the deejay at The Box on Chrystie St. Saturday night, a spotlight was turned on him and an onstage MC "ripped on him for like 10 minutes," reports our spywitness. "He didn't even know who Brandon was — that was the best part." John Mayer has signed a guitar to be auctioned off at the gala to benefit Lighthouse International, the charity for the blind, tomorrow night at the Marriott Marquis, where Clive Davis, Stephen Marriott, Carol Channing and Kitty Carlisle Hart will be honored. Chelsea Clinton dined at Table 8 South Beach with girlfriends Friday night. The surprise at Harry Belafonte's 80th-birthday party at the Bryant Park Grill Saturday night was not the stellar crowd: Tony Bennett, Wyclef John, Whoopi Goldberg, Rep. Charlie Rangel, Lenny Kravitz, Eli Wallach, Susan Sarandon, David Dinkins and 200 others who came to honor the activist and singer. Harry's son David announced there was a party crasher — and Bill Clinton walked in. Clinton praised Belafonte's lifelong dedication to civil rights: It's been reported he was Continue Reading


Finally!. Aspiring rapper Kevin Federline - who up to now has reneged on a three-month-old promise to help out children's charities during his "Playing With Fire" CD tour - yesterday tried to set things right. Mr. Britney Spears showed up in Times Square to hype Virgin Mobile's new 1-cent text-message service and launch the wireless company's "Save the Penny" fund-raising drive for various unnamed children's organizations. "What's up, New York! " Federline shouted from a stage after arriving in an armored truck decorated with 120,000 pennies. "I'm here with Virgin Mobile to bring the power back to the penny! I feel good about the penny! I'm glad to give it back to these charities. " Then he sent the first1-cent text, claiming it went to "my wife. " Mugging for the cameras, Federline held up a penny and slipped it in the armored vehicle's donation slot. Then K-Fed took a cigarette break, wiping his hand on his pants before doing a few television interviews. "I just gave all my pennies to charity! " he bragged to one TV outlet. To another, he said: "A bunch of charities get these children off the streets - build a better life, build a better future, for these children. " And to another: "There's thousands of kids out here that have nowhere to go. " He admitted to "Access Hollywood's" Tim Vincent: "It's my first time doing a charity. " What a shock. Finished with his compassionate interviews, K-Fed kissed publicist Marilyn Lopez goodbye, and four bodyguards escorted him to a black SUV. A block into the ride, the SUV rear-ended a pedicab, prompting a curse-fest between the pedicab driver and one of Federline's guards. At which point the Naked Cowgirl - a pastie-wearing, guitar-strumming Louisa Holmlund - toplessly approached the vehicle. A rear tinted window rolled halfway down, and a hand came out to give her two $1 bills. The pennies may be for the kids, but in K-Fed's world, the bucks are for the naked ladies. Martha raves about Continue Reading