Z100 needs Britney Spears to clean up

New York’s top radio station, Z100, is dying to play Britney Spears’ newest single, “If U Seek Amy.” Tom Poleman, senior vice president of programming for Clear Channel, parent of WHTZ (100.3 FM). “We’re just waiting for a good edit.” Amy,” the third single from Spears’ hit comeback CD “Circus,” has kicked up a firestorm over the title phrase, which when spoken rapidly spells out a crude sexual phrase. Jive Records, Spears’ label, has promised a re-edited version of the song that cleans up the offending line, said Sharon Dastur, Z100 program director. Parents Television Council (PTC) threatened to file indecency complaints with the Federal Communications Commission against any station that played “Amy.”CEO John Hogan also pledged before Congress several years ago, in the wake of the Janet Jackson scandal, to institute a “zero tolerance” policy on broadcast indecency.  Buy Britney Spears Tickets Today. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Britney Spears on Kevin Federline: curses!

Never mind her drinking, her crazy driving and her stay in the loony bin. Britney Spears knows where her sons, Preston, 3, and Jayden, 2, get their bad habits: from their father, Kevin Federline. “They’re so smart, yet so innocent,” she says. “It’s weird ’cause they’re starting to learn words like ‘stupid,’ and Preston says the F-word sometimes. He doesn’t get it from us. He must get it from his daddy. I say it, but not around my kids.” Thankfully, “I think they look like me,” she tells Rolling Stone. “They don’t look like their father at all.” Britney, who comes in contact with “my babies’ daddy” only when he drops the them off, sees the boys three days a week. “Like, they’re going to preschool now! I went there to pick them up on Friday, and seeing them in their little classroom and seeing Jayden being bad or not listening? It’s like, those are mine, and it’s just crazy, you know what I mean?” Uh, yeah. Spears also blames K-Fed for the failure of their marriage, saying it surprised her: “I didn’t think my husband was gonna leave me.” But she is starting to see other men — and not just paparazzi. Accompanied by her staff, she’s gone on at least two dates. The first guy was “an older version of Harry Potter, but skinnier.” It went so badly that she ordered dessert first, just to get the date over with. Her second outing was with a much older guy who was into martial arts. “We’re trying to ask him questions, like, ‘Okay, you’re into martial arts, so what kind of martial arts are you into?” And he was like, ‘Oh, all kinds.’ But you know how silly we are, so we were just cracking up.” Meanwhile, Spears, whose new CD, “Circus,” is about to drop, tells MTV: “I think I married for all the wrong Continue Reading

Britney Spears ‘Circus’ is a 3-ring hit

Most Stars would hate to see their life turn into a circus sideshow. Not Britney Spears. In the title track off her latest album, out Tuesday, Spears openly embraces her role as a glare magnet. "There's only two types of people in the world," she declares. "The ones that entertain and the ones that observe/I'm a put-on-a-show kind of girl." Apparently, it doesn't matter that the show Spears has been putting on for the past two years has rarely had anything to do with singing, dancing or recording. Then again, Spears knows intuitively that her shenanigans might even be an advantage in the voyeur-mad age of reality TV. Witness how even her most fumbling, or half-hearted, recent attempts at a comeback have clicked - as if the audience were willing this to happen just to see what comes next. Spears' perceived surge began in September with her sweep of the MTV Video Music Awards. This, even though she made it clear she wouldn't sing a single note on the show. Her odd rise escalated with "Womanizer," the first single from the new album, which hit No. 1 despite being the most maddeningly repetitive pop song since 1970's "Gimmie Dat Ding." In a happy twist, "Womanizer" turns out to be one of the least appealing cuts on the disk. The full "Circus," released to coincide with Britney's 27th birthday Tuesday, represents a somewhat more convincing comeback for the '90s teen queen. It revives the mix of chirpy Swedish pop and driving modern dance beats that first fired her to stardom. It also captures a more engaged vocal performance than the star's last, jerry-built CD, the aptly named "Blackout." Released at the tail end of what was a disastrous '07 for her, "Blackout" sounded as if it had been pieced together almost entirely by producers, with the singer's contribution kept to a mumbling minimum. "Circus" puts Britney's vocals back at the center of the recording, even if they're hardly the songs' most fetching feature. When she tries to emote - as in the ode to Continue Reading

Britney Spears kicks off ‘Circus’ tour in the Big Easy at New Orleans Arena

NEW ORLEANS - It wasn't exactly "the Greatest Show on Earth." But the opening night of Britney Spears' crucial "Circus" tour nudged this long-troubled singer a firm step further on the road back from major fruitcake to reborn pop star. Onstage at the New Orleans Arena for the kickoff show of her first full tour in five years, Spears dutifully hit her marks, kept up a robust pace and looked determined and engaged. All this in defiant contrast to her zombielike performance at the MTV Video Music Awards a short 18 months ago. As its title suggests, Tuesday night's show had a splashy big top theme, boasting frantic jugglers, wild illusionists, manic acrobats and the ultimate clown of the hour: blogger Perez Hilton, who appeared in an introductory video montage in Elizabethan drag. The "Circus" motif didn't simply mirror the title of Britney's latest CD. It provided an apt metaphor for the high-wire act this tour represents. For all the talk of a "comeback," there's nothing like the sustained rigor of a live performance to show if a star's still got it. Tuesday night proved that Britney does - at least by her own slick, self-conscious and flighty standards. She's never been about nuanced (or even decent) singing, individual spirit, or, God knows, emotional grit. But she can move with muscularity and verve. And Tuesday night's event gave her plenty of chances to. Divided into four parts, the night began with Britney duded up as an S&M-leaning ringmaster. Aerialists flung themselves about the stage in a "Thunderstorm" sequence that worked energetically into a perfect piece of Brit-pop: the sprightly hit "Radar." In a nod to trendiness, the shows included a mock-Bollywood dance sequence during "Me Against The Music," eagerly riding the "Slumdog" gravy train. A sustained "Freakshow" section aped a darker tone, with a heavy metal accompaniment. For all Britney's renewed physical prowess, she didn't project much in the way Continue Reading

Sony settles luit with Louis Vuitton over promos for Britney Spears, Da Brat

Attention, blinged-out, brand-obsessed pop stars: Read the law before going gaudy. Louis Vuitton won an undisclosed out-of-court settlement Thursday after a five-year Paris court battle against three of MTV's familiar faces - Britney Spears, Da Brat and "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard. The company sued Sony BMG Music Entertainment for allowing its artists to use the famous LV monogram in music videos and album covers. "We believe the terms of this agreement will provide strong protection to our brand worldwide," Louis Vuitton's Nathalie Moulle-Berteaux said in a statement. Sony BMG also agreed "to educate its record labels" about copyright laws, she said. A spokesman for Sony BMG, which represents Arista, Columbia and Epic records, declined to comment. Now Spears can no longer ride in a pink Hummer, laced with a cherry LV monogram dashboard, as she did in her 2006 video "Do Somethin'." "We don't make dashboards," a Vuitton spokeswoman quipped.And artists can't keep up the trend popularized by Studdard - who in 2006, printed his album jacket for "The Return" CD on Louis Vuitton monogram paper. The fight for the settlement, estimated at more than $300,000, began after Vuitton sued Sony in 2003 for allowing Da Brat to bounce around in a video with a multicolored LV print beachball. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Britney Spears is all harmony in Z100 chat

Z100 afternoon host J.J. Kincaid says Britney Spears is looking great these days. He should know, because she paid him a visit on the air Monday. "You see all this stuff on the blogs," he says. "But I can tell you that in person she looks really good. She was cool off the air, too. She seemed together - nothing at all like what we were seeing a year ago." RELATED: BRITNEY SPEARS SAYS SHE MISSES NYC PIZZAA year ago, of course, Britney was the American train wreck. Now her hair has grown back, she has a new CD out, and she told Kincaid she's planning a world tour next year. "If she pulls it together, that's the kind of story ending you never hear," says Kincaid. "Most of them end so badly." Kincaid's interview came together in a flash, after Spears' manager text-messaged WHTZ (100.3 FM) program director Sharon Dastur, saying Britney would like to come by and thank the station for its Britney weekend. "We didn't know if she'd do an interview or what," says Kincaid. "We just had to be ready." PHOTOS: BRITNEY'S ROAD TO RECOVERY Her people finally decided she could do three minutes on the air, on the condition the conversation not go to tabloid places. "That's okay," says Kincaid. "It's their call. But I'd love to sit down with Britney some day for a '60 Minutes' kind of interview, where she just talks about the stuff that's happened. I think that would be fascinating." As it is, he says, he still threw a scare into some of her entourage by saying on the air that he wanted to bring up "the T-word." "There must have been 15 people in the room, and when I said that, you could feel every one reaching for their BlackBerry to try to figure out what I was about to ask," he says. "When I said 'tour,' it was like the whole room let out this huge sigh of relief." RELATED: BRITNEY'S EX PEDDLES SEX TAPE AROUND THE DIAL: The late Scott Muni's son Mason talked Friday with Matt Pinfield of WRXP (101.9 FM) about the farewell his father never got to give. Hear Continue Reading

Britney Spears gets her body back

She's back, baby!Britney Spears looked like her old self again while shopping in Los Angeles on Tuesday.  The "Gimme More" singer showed off clear skin, new blond hair extensions and a toned body underneath her casual velour sweatpants and white tank top. The 26-year-old appeared to turn back the clock to 2003 - before she was a twice-married mother of two with several hospitalizations for mental illness under her belt. Click to see Britney's road to recovery.Despite a rocky year in which she lost custody of her sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline, Spears seems to have turned her life around under her father's conservatorship. The pop star's formerly erratic nights on the town and odd behavior have been swapped with regular trips to the gym and music studio, where she's recording her sixth album.Kanye West and Pharrell Williams are working with Spears on her comeback CD, which is reportedly scheduled for a mid-December release. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

‘Womanizer’ not the brilliant single Britney Spears needs

After delaying the release of the first single from Britney Spears' upcoming album for nearly a week, the song, "Womanizer," finally hit radio waves Friday. From the sound of it, it should have been delayed indefinitely. PHOTOS: BRITNEY'S ROAD TO RECOVERY"Womanizer" - which makes its TV debut Monday at 10 p.m. during the MTV program "The Hills" - houses what may be the most repetitive chorus heard in a pop song since the 1970 novelty hit "Gimmie Dat Ding." And that was designed to be annoying. In each and every chorus of "Womanizer," Spears delivers the title word no fewer than nine times in a row, in a nagging tone meant to mimmic the most irritating of schoolyard taunts. It's unclear whom the song means to address, though one can't help but wonder if it's a slap against the famously wandering eye of ex-husband Kevin Federline. PHOTOS: BRIT'S BEST ONSCREEN MOMENTSSpears' tone of petulance proves as strained and strident as the song's synthed-up dance beat. A source at her record company say the reason for the song's delay was so the star could buff up her vocals. "Womanizer" represents a risk for Spears, since it comes from a relatively untested writing and production team from Atlanta known as The Outsyders. The single precedes the star's sixth album, "Circus," slated to arrive December 2, to coincide with Spears' 27th birthday. It follows 2007's "Blackout," an album recorded during the star's most troubled days. Though that CD received strong reviews, it fared poorly commercially since the star did little to promote it. "Blackout" become Spears' first work to fall under 1 million in sales. Spears seemed to be on a comeback less than three weeks ago with her triple win at the MTV Video Music Awards. She took the trophies for "Best Female," "Best Pop Video," and "Video Of the Year" for her "Piece of Me" clip, whose scenario swipes back at the paparazzi. RELATED: BRITNEY AT THE VMAS, THROUGH THE YEARSOver this past week, Spears has Continue Reading

Bad-news Britney Spears bags No. 1 CD

Punishing public relations hasn't hurt Britney Spears' album sales. The troubled star's new album "Blackout" is poised to hit No. 1 on next week's Billboard Top 200 CD chart.Though official numbers won't arrive until next Wednesday, Billboard and Hits magazines estimate the album, which was released Tuesday, should open with sales of between 300,000 and 350,000 copies. That's a steep plunge from Spears' last studio CD, 2003's "In The Zone," which opened with 609,000 copies sold. But it's hardly out of line with other superstars' sales this year. According to Nielsen/SoundScan, first-day sales for Spears' CD stood at an impressive 124,000 copies. By comparison, this week's No. 1 album, "Carnival Ride," by Carrie Underwood, sold 49,000 copies on its first day. Britney can't escape controversy even on the charts. Some critics say her album isn't the rightful No. 1. The Eagles' hugely anticipated "Long Road Out of Eden" was released the same day. It's that classic band's first album of all-new music in 28 years. But since "Eden" is distributed only in Wal-Mart stores, it's ineligible for Billboard's album chart. The band's manager, Irving Azoff, told Billboard, "If the Eagles were SoundScanning this week, Britney wouldn't be No. 1." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Britney Spears is ‘Toxic’ no longer

Britney Spears is back to her good ol’ self, according to her aunt, Chanda McGovern.McGovern told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that her niece’s recovery is largely due to Spears’ parents, Jamie and Lynne."This time last year everyone was in turmoil," McGovern said. "We didn't know if she'd make it through the next day and we're all very proud of her now.” During the last year, Britney shaved her head, was institutionalized twice for mental problems and lost custody of her two sons. Jamie Spears gave up his job as a caterer to act as his daughter’s conservator and keep her on the beaten path. Since her father has taken control, Britney has made two guest appearances on “How I Met Your Mother” and is working on a new album. Sources told The Sun that Britney’s next album is scheduled to go head-to-head with Whitney Houston’s highly-touted comeback CD. Both are set for release around November 2008.According to McGovern, things are looking up for Britney. “I think she's got a bright future,” she said.  Join the Conversation: Continue Reading