On her 27th birthday, Britney Spears announces world tour for new album ‘Circus’

Don’t worry if you missed the big Britney Spears birthday appearance on “Good Morning America” – see her in your hometown instead. The pop star announced Tuesday – her 27th birthday – that she will kick off a long-awaited world tour to promote her sixth and latest album “Circus.” It’s been a rocky couple of years for the ex-Disney darling. She’s struggled through a messy divorce battle with ex-hubby Kevin Federline, been in and out of court in custody suit for her two young sons, suffered public ridicule for last year’s lackluster VMA’s performance, and – oh yeah – shaved her head and violently beat up a paparazzi's SUV with an umbrella. But forget all that! Our Brit is saying “Gimme Gimme” a comeback and it seems like she’s finally together enough to deliver. She already has a new No. 1 hit song with “Womanizer,” the first single released from “Circus.” The arena tour will be Spears’ first in five years. It kicks off in January 2009 in Louisiana – Britney’s home state – and will travel through 27 cities. Plan ahead to purchase tickets. We predict that if the New Kids on the Block comeback tour can sell out arenas – then there’s no question that Britney will be singing and dancing in front of packed houses. Tickets go on sale Sat. Dec. 6. Go to www.britneyspears.com for tickets and more tour info. For now, here are the cities and dates, so mark your calendars: March 2009 3 New Orleans, La.-- New Orleans Arena 5 Atlanta, Ga. -- Philips Arena 7 Miami, Fla. -- American Airlines Arena 8 Tampa, Fl a. -- St Pete Times Forum 11 Uniondale, N.Y. -- Nassau Coliseum 13 Newark, N.J -- Prudential Center 16 Boston, Mass. -- TD Banknorth Garden 18 Toronto, Ont. -- Air Canada Center 20 Montreal, Que. -- Bell Center 24 Washington D.C.-- Verizon Center 26 Continue Reading

Britney Spears: ‘I’m a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?’

If you're wondering what was going through Britney Spears' head during her recent chaotic times - so is she! BRITNEY'S ROAD TO RECOVERY"I sit there and I look back and I'm like, 'I'm a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?"' Spears said in an interview to air on MTV on Nov. 30, two days before the release of her new album. "I've been through a lot in the past two or three years, and there's a lot that people don't know." Spears' comments were obtained by The Associated Press. BRITNEY'S BEST ONSCREEN MOMENTSThe 90-minute special, "Britney: For The Record," was executive-produced by Spears' manager Larry Rudolph. It features behind-the-scenes footage and Spears discussing her crazy life over the past two years.She's got a lot to talk about in that time span, including a divorce, a custody battle and rehab. She's also had very public meltdowns and one memorably bad performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. BRITNEY AT THE VIDEO MUSIC AWARDSNow on the comeback trail, Spears is releasing her sixth album, "Circus," on Dec. 2, her 27th birthday. She snagged three 2008  MTV Music Awards in September.Spears says she's hoping this TV special will "set the record straight."It has not been totally smooth sailing for Spears recently. One of her ex-boyfriends revealed recently that he owns a sex tape starring himself and the former Mouseketeer - and he will sell it, if the price is right. Adnan Ghalib, the shutterbug and former flame who infamously dated Britney during her breakdown, told Heat magazine, "There is such a tape, but I won't discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further." The alleged footage runs about two hours and features the singer wearing nothing but a pink wig, an unconfirmed source told British newspaper The Sun. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Britney Spears’ next album, ‘Circus,’ hits stands on Dec. 2

Britney Spears has set a date ... for her new album."Circus," the pop star's sixth studio album, will hit stores on Dec. 2 - her 27th birthday, Spears' label announced on Monday.Among others, the singer enlisted the help of electronica producer Guy Sigsworth for her album, who previously partnered with Madonna and Alanis Morissette.PHOTOS: CLICK TO SEE BRITNEY'S ROAD TO RECOVERYThe new announcement comes as part of a steady comeback by the star, who is still under her father's conservatorship, after a rocky year and a half in which she lost custody of her two sons.Spears began attracting positive attention again in May after looking like her old self during a shopping trip with pals. Since then, she's steadily stepped back into the limelight with select public appearances.PHOTOS: CLICK TO SEE BRITNEY'S BEST ONSCREEN MOMENTSSpears also nabbed three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7, taking home trophies for Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video.Her last album, "Blackout," has sold 890,000 copies in the U.S. to date.Spears' first single off her latest offering, "Womanizer," is scheduled to start airplay on Sept. 22. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Kevin Federline ended their marriage, Britney Spears tells Rolling Stone

She's back and she's spilling the beans. No subject seems off-limits for Britney Spears as she begins the publicity tour for her new album "Circus" - not even her nasty split from ex-husband Kevin Federline. For the first time since the pop singer filed for divorce in 2006, Britney is finally revealing that it was Kevin, not her, who was responsible for the demise for their marriage. "I didn't think my husband was gonna leave me," she says in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine as she explains how her life didn't exactly turn out as she had planned. And in a new fly-on-the-wall documentary for MTV "Britney: For the Record," airing Sunday night, Britney admits that her marriage to Federline was a mistake. "I think I married for all the wrong reasons," Spears says in the teary interview. "Instead of following my heart and, like, doing something that made me really happy ... I just did it because ... for just, like, the idea of everything." And she says things started to go south when Kevin started working on his own projects, including a rap album. "That's when things got weird," she says. But the new and improved Britney, with the help of a militant team of minders headed by her father Jamie Spears, seems to be moving on from that turbulent time in her life. She is even dipping her toes back into the dating pool for the first time since her controversial relationship with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. She has been on at least two dates recently, the singer says in Rolling Stone - both chaperoned by her staff. Unfortunately it sounds like both guys struck out on date one. The first was what Brit calls a "an older version of Harry Potter, but skinnier." It was so bad that the singer ordered dessert first to get the date over with. The second date was with a much older guy who was into martial arts. "We're trying to ask him questions, like, "Ok, you're into martial arts, so what kind of martial arts are you into?" And he was like, 'Oh, all Continue Reading

Britney Spears takes out restraining order against former manager Sam Lutfi, ex-beau Adnan Ghalib

LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears has obtained a restraining order against former pal Osama "Sam" Lutfi and one-time boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, court records show. Attorneys for Spears and her father, who is her legal conservator, received the order Friday. The documents state that Lutfi, Ghalib and attorney Jon Eardley have been trying to gain control of Spears' affairs. "On the first anniversary of the establishment of the conservatorship, the co-conservators are informed and believe that these three figures are working in concert to disrupt the conservatorship, with an utter disregard for Ms. Spears' health and well being," the documents state. Lutfi was a manager and friend of Spears, whose mother once accused him of grinding pills into her food to control her. Ghalib, a paparazzo, had dated the singer. Judge Aviva K. Bobb signed a temporary restraining order Friday forbidding Lutfi, Ghalib and Eardley from having contact with Spears, her parents and her young children. A hearing on whether to extend the order is scheduled for next month. The documents, released late Friday, claim that Lutfi tried to contact Spears in late December by sending text messages to her hairdresser. The documents state Lutfi later started sending text messages to Spears and one of her father's attorneys, Blair Berk, trying to arrange a meeting. Spears father, Jamie, wrote in a sworn declaration that he has found Lutfi's phone number in his daughter's phone records. The documents state that Spears continues to inform Ghalib of her travel "and that he then arranges for paparazzi to meet and film her to his financial benefit," the documents state. A phone message left for Lutfi was not returned Friday. A phone number for Ghalib could not immediately be found. Geraldine Wyle, an attorney for Jamie Spears, wrote that Lutfi and Ghalib have "disappeared," and private investigators had been trying to find the pair unsuccessfully for six weeks. The order, first reported Friday Continue Reading

Britney Spears ‘Circus’ is a 3-ring hit

Most Stars would hate to see their life turn into a circus sideshow. Not Britney Spears. In the title track off her latest album, out Tuesday, Spears openly embraces her role as a glare magnet. "There's only two types of people in the world," she declares. "The ones that entertain and the ones that observe/I'm a put-on-a-show kind of girl." Apparently, it doesn't matter that the show Spears has been putting on for the past two years has rarely had anything to do with singing, dancing or recording. Then again, Spears knows intuitively that her shenanigans might even be an advantage in the voyeur-mad age of reality TV. Witness how even her most fumbling, or half-hearted, recent attempts at a comeback have clicked - as if the audience were willing this to happen just to see what comes next. Spears' perceived surge began in September with her sweep of the MTV Video Music Awards. This, even though she made it clear she wouldn't sing a single note on the show. Her odd rise escalated with "Womanizer," the first single from the new album, which hit No. 1 despite being the most maddeningly repetitive pop song since 1970's "Gimmie Dat Ding." In a happy twist, "Womanizer" turns out to be one of the least appealing cuts on the disk. The full "Circus," released to coincide with Britney's 27th birthday Tuesday, represents a somewhat more convincing comeback for the '90s teen queen. It revives the mix of chirpy Swedish pop and driving modern dance beats that first fired her to stardom. It also captures a more engaged vocal performance than the star's last, jerry-built CD, the aptly named "Blackout." Released at the tail end of what was a disastrous '07 for her, "Blackout" sounded as if it had been pieced together almost entirely by producers, with the singer's contribution kept to a mumbling minimum. "Circus" puts Britney's vocals back at the center of the recording, even if they're hardly the songs' most fetching feature. When she tries to emote - as in the ode to Continue Reading

Celebrity Side Dish: Britney Spears ‘out of it’ at birthday bash

Britney Spears' new album should have been called "Catatonic." Spies say the pop tart looked vacant at her 27th-birthday party/"Circus" album release bash at Tenjune. In fact, her empty, wide-eyed stare as she was pushed and prodded throughout the club prompted more than a few revelers to whisper, "She's so out of it!" Joining in the revelry were Jeremy Piven, Josh Lucas, DJ MOS and MSNBC host Dan Abrams.- Memo to girls everywhere: Models do eat. "I've put back on all the weight I lost for the [recent Victoria's Secret] show," Heidi Klum told us at the VS store opening on Lexington Ave. "I was worried I couldn't squeeze into this dress." But with the blockbuster lingerie show only a memory, all the Angels are back to their normal noshing habits. Miranda Kerr says she’s been enjoying her favorite snack - fried chicken. Said the awesome Aussie: "I make it myself." - Former model agency head-turned-activist Katie Ford will be at Tribeca Cinemas tonight for the opening of "Call and Response," Justin Dillon’s rockumentary on human trafficking. "Fifty percent of slaves on Earth are children, and we’re buying the products they make," Ford told us. "I absolutely believe it can be stopped."- Ralph Lauren, Tom Brokaw, Ivanka Trump and Mayor Bloomberg are a few of the swells who'll get a sneak peek Monday night at Alice Tully Hall, which is still being renovated for Lincoln Center's 50th. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

‘Womanizer’ not the brilliant single Britney Spears needs

After delaying the release of the first single from Britney Spears' upcoming album for nearly a week, the song, "Womanizer," finally hit radio waves Friday. From the sound of it, it should have been delayed indefinitely. PHOTOS: BRITNEY'S ROAD TO RECOVERY"Womanizer" - which makes its TV debut Monday at 10 p.m. during the MTV program "The Hills" - houses what may be the most repetitive chorus heard in a pop song since the 1970 novelty hit "Gimmie Dat Ding." And that was designed to be annoying. In each and every chorus of "Womanizer," Spears delivers the title word no fewer than nine times in a row, in a nagging tone meant to mimmic the most irritating of schoolyard taunts. It's unclear whom the song means to address, though one can't help but wonder if it's a slap against the famously wandering eye of ex-husband Kevin Federline. PHOTOS: BRIT'S BEST ONSCREEN MOMENTSSpears' tone of petulance proves as strained and strident as the song's synthed-up dance beat. A source at her record company say the reason for the song's delay was so the star could buff up her vocals. "Womanizer" represents a risk for Spears, since it comes from a relatively untested writing and production team from Atlanta known as The Outsyders. The single precedes the star's sixth album, "Circus," slated to arrive December 2, to coincide with Spears' 27th birthday. It follows 2007's "Blackout," an album recorded during the star's most troubled days. Though that CD received strong reviews, it fared poorly commercially since the star did little to promote it. "Blackout" become Spears' first work to fall under 1 million in sales. Spears seemed to be on a comeback less than three weeks ago with her triple win at the MTV Video Music Awards. She took the trophies for "Best Female," "Best Pop Video," and "Video Of the Year" for her "Piece of Me" clip, whose scenario swipes back at the paparazzi. RELATED: BRITNEY AT THE VMAS, THROUGH THE YEARSOver this past week, Spears has Continue Reading

Cheers from Britney Spears’ kin

Britney Spears can finally breathe easy: Her shows rocks. At least, her friends and family think so. A nervous Spears, whose “Circus” tour kicks off Tuesday night at the New Orleans Arena, performed 20 tracks for some 30 loved ones Saturday night in NOLA. “Britney was really tense up until the show,” an insider tells us, “but she got such positive feedback that she’s a lot more confident about her performance.” On hand to offer their support was the whole Spears clan, including Brit’s divorced parents, Lynn and Jamie, sis Jamie-Lynn, who toted her baby girl Maddie, and Brit’s own children, Sean Preston and Jayden James. “Jamie and Lynn don’t get along at all, but they behaved,” says our insider. “They’re really rooting for Britney and wanted to make the evening all about her.” All the encouragement is apparently helping: Brit appears to be back in fighting form for her first tour since 2004’s “Onyx Hotel,” “totally killing it” as she sang and danced to hits like “Womanizer,” “Circus,” “I’m a Slave 4 U” and “Toxic.” According to tour insiders, Britney may be getting even more support — and this time it’ll be onstage. “The rumor going around is that Madonna is going to join Brit onstage for at least two tour dates,” says our source. “And that would be totally fierce.” Madge may not have been on hand for Saturday’s trial performance, but that didn’t stop Brit and her posse from enjoying an after-show dinner at pal Rodney Morrison’s estate, where Southern comfort foods like steak, baked fish, corn on the cob and rice were served. During the feast, Britney regaled guests with tales of her sons’ affection for the film “Space Chimps,” as well as discussing her hard-core exercise routine and pride in her newly toned Continue Reading

MTV lectures Britney Spears to behave on VMAs

LAS VEGAS - It could be the beginning of her comeback - or the end of it. When Britney Spears takes center stage tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards, she returns to the scene of past triumphs.If she does well, her performance of "Gimme More" could reinvigorate her shaky career. But if she flops, it will be before the whole world - and if she acts out before her sound check, she might not even get a chance to perform.Sources told the Daily News that MTV has already lectured Spears to behave in Las Vegas or risk her spot in the lineup."Britney knows she's on thin ice. When they agreed to the performance, they sat her down and told her she should not be going out, and instead focus on rehearsing and resting," an insider said. "She seemed to be thankful and appreciative for the chance, but who knows with her? MTV made it clear that her usual behavior will not be tolerated."Her antics in the past year have included a rampage of public appearances without underwear, shaving her head, attacking a car with an umbrella, a stint in rehab, and skirmishes with ex-hubby Kevin Federline over her alleged neglect of their two sons.Spears arrived in Sin City late last week, and she's been running through her routine at the Palms, where the VMAs will be held.But it hasn't been all work and no party.The pop tart was spotted sipping a frozen margarita before her VMA rehearsal Friday.Then Spears showed up at Snoop Dogg's bash at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino about 1 a.m. yesterday in a cute, black strapless dress. She had her people immediately call man-of-the-moment Criss Angel to meet her, sources said. Spears has denied the two are dating.One source said, "She's totally phoning this in. She doesn't seem to care how this goes. She's been drinking a bunch and not putting her all into rehearsing."But Spears' cousin and assistant Alli Simms dismissed such talk. "Her performance will be huge," Simms said. "She's very excited."Simms was later overheard telling a pal Continue Reading