Silencing Bill and Hillary Clinton

With Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein’s downfall and the rise of the #MeToo movement, the silencing of the Clintons is now underway. That doesn’t mean they will quit making noise — and of course, wherever there is a room full of vapid, hypocritical and cliché Hollywood know-nothings, aging feminists and assorted Clinton alumni, the Clintons will always get some applause — but the audience that respects them and welcomes their participation is marginal at best. Among many in the media and in the broader American political audience, the Clintons are finished. I never thought they would be seen as mostly radioactive by the Democratic Party, but here we are. Democrats in 2018 and 2020 will have to determine how to manage the “Clinton problem” rather than try to dispense Clinton magic and goodwill. As if the current news of harassment in the workplace wasn’t enough to remind everyone of Hillary Clinton’s past as an enabler of a serial abuser, it was perhaps the coup de grace when the story broke that in 2008, she shielded one of her campaign advisers from accusations of sexual harassment and proceeded to ship the female accuser off to a new job. The abuser stayed in her orbit, went on to abuse again and was finally fired when she couldn’t protect him. This is just too much for today’s Democratic Party. For all of Clinton’s talk about female empowerment, she actively chose to protect predators and to quiet victims. And now, there is no place she can go where she isn’t a vivid illustration of what is no longer acceptable. She is from a different era and has too much baggage for the new Democratic bandwagon. Making matters worse for the Clinton clan, Bill Clinton embodies what is considered poisonous by today’s standards and what would never again be accepted by Democrats. If he did today what he did in the ’90s, he could never have stayed in office and Continue Reading

Bathroom fan caused fire at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s N.Y. property

NEW CASTLE, New York — A bathroom fan caused the fire that burned part of a building on Bill and Hillary Clinton's New York property on Wednesday."Apparently a bathroom fan shorted out," New Castle Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein said in a Friday email.He said the small fire burned a hole in the bathroom ceiling of the facility, which is used by the Secret Service, at 15 Old House Lane, in Chappaqua, N.Y. The Chappaqua Fire Department declined to comment. Read more: Fire breaks out at Hillary and Bill Clinton's compound in Chappaqua, New York Fire extinguishers were used to put out the fire in the second-floor ceiling of the detached structure behind the Clintons' home, the Secret Service said in a statement on Wednesday.The fire was reported around 2:40 p.m. and was quickly extinguished. Nick Merrill, a spokesman for former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, tweeted on Wednesday that the couple was not home at the time.Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have lived at the property for almost 20 years after buying the five-bedroom home for $1.7 million in 1999. In August 2016, the couple bought the four-bedroom house next door, at 33 Old House Lane, for $1.16 million.In October, the town building inspector found that the Clintons were missing several permits for work that was being done on a kitchen renovation and in-ground pool on the property. Continue Reading

Fire breaks out at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Westchester home

A fire broke out at Bill and Hillary Clinton's remote Westchester home on Wednesday afternoon, officials said. It was not immediately clear if the Clintons were at home when the fire erupted just before 3 p.m. A spokesman for the New Castle police department confirmed to the Daily News that no injuries had been reported. He noted that the fire was called in by someone who was at the Chappaqua home at 2:51 p.m. Footage from local outlets showed several emergency vehicles parked in front of the home, including at least one fire truck.  The Clintons have been living at the five bedroom-house for nearly two decades. The political power couple bought it for $1.7 million in 1999.  This is a breaking story. Please check back for updates. Sign up for BREAKING NEWS Emails privacy policy Thanks for subscribing! Send a Letter to the Editor Join the Conversation: facebook Tweet Continue Reading

Fire reported at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s New York house

A fire broke out and was quickly extinguished Wednesday at the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York, a town north of New York City. The fire was reported about 2:50 p.m. at 15 Old House Lane where the Clintons have lived for nearly 20 years after buying it for $1.7 million in 1999.Police declined to give further details on the fire at 15 Old House Lane where the Clintons have lived for nearly 20 years after buying it for $1.7 million in 1999.Police did not provide details, but initial scanner reports said it was a bedroom fire and has been extinguished.The driveway was blocked off by a New Castle (N.Y.) police car. At least three fire trucks and an ambulance had responded to the call.The barriers put up along Old House Lane to reduce traffic while Hillary Clinton was running for president in fall 2016 are no longer there.The house, built in 1889, features five bedrooms over 5,232 square feet and a pool on its 1.1 acres.In August 2016, the former president and past presidential hopeful bought the four-bedroom house next door, at 33 Old House Lane, for $1.16 million.In October, they got in trouble for not having a permit for a kitchen renovation and to fill in the in-ground pool. Continue Reading

‘Seems like only yesterday’: Bill and Hillary Clinton tweet their love on 40th wedding anniversary

Bill and Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to share the love on their 40th wedding anniversary Sunday, with both tweeting photos from long before they became America’s biggest political power couple. “40 years ago, I married the cute guy from the library,” Hillary wrote with a photo from their early days, many years before his presidency, her run for presidency and that little sex scandal that came between them. “Happy anniversary, @billclinton—you've still got it!” she wrote. Bill returned the favor with an even simpler message, posting a doting photo of them and writing, “Seems like only yesterday...” The consummate couple met in the early ‘70s in the library of Yale Law School, where they were both studying. They married four years later in the living room of their new home in Fayetteville, Ark., which is now in the National Historic Register. Three years later, Bill was elected as governor of Arkansas, thus starting America’s Clinton craze. The couple gave no word on how they celebrated their 40th big day. The latest national polls for the presidential race show that Hillary remains the Democratic front-runner. Continue Reading

Bill and Hillary Clinton paid almost $58M in taxes since 2007, according to tax returns released by Hillary’s campaign

WASHINGTON — Bill and Hillary Clinton paid almost $58 million in taxes since 2007, according to returns Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign released Friday evening. That includes $43.9 million in federal taxes and an additional $13.6 million in state and local taxes. The Clintons paid an effective federal tax rate of 35.7% and a combined effective rate of 45.8% in 2014. The former and potentially future first couple donated just shy of $15 million to charity in that period. The Clintons have now released their tax returns every year since 1977. "We've come a long way from my days going door-to-door for the Children's Defense Fund and earning $16,450 as a young law professor in Arkansas - and we owe it to the opportunities America provides," Clinton said in a letter announcing the tax return release before pivoting towards an argument that the rich should pay more taxes. "Families like mine that reap rewards from our economy have a responsibility to pay our fair share," she continued. The Friday evening tax form release comes just hours after the State Department released thousands of pages of emails from Clinton's time as its head, and like most Friday news dumps seems designed to minimize the attention the public pays to its contents. Clinton also released itemized lists of speaking fees she and her husband received and business income from that period, and a letter from her doctor stating she has a clean bill of health. Continue Reading

Bill and Hillary Clinton return to hospital to see Chelsea and granddaughter Charlotte

Bill and Hillary Clinton continued to play the role of excited grandparents Sunday. The once and perhaps future White House residents went to Lenox Hill Hospital in the late afternoon to see daughter Chelsea Clinton, resting after giving birth Friday night to daughter Charlotte. The former First Couple stayed until well after dinner with Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky, offering no comment as they left the Upper East Side medical center. Chelsea and Mezvinsky remained in a posh and private hospital suite o the same floor where Beyoncé delivered Blue Ivy in 2012. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Bill and Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep go to ‘Ann’ on Broadway

When Bill and Hillary Clinton went to a Broadway show this week, they were part of a star-studded entourage — including actress Meryl Streep. The former (and possibly future) First Family attended "Ann," featuring Holland Taylor as the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards, on Tuesday. They were joined by Streep, and by the new first family of the gun control movement, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly. All seemed thoroughly happy posting for a photo backstage, pictured above, along with Taylor in costume, executive producer Kevin Bailey, lead producer Harriet Newman Leve and director Benjamin Endsley Klein. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Bill and Hillary Clinton launch campaign swing for Barack Obama

WASHINGTON - When Bill and Hillary Clinton take the stage Sunday at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, it will be the launch of an active campaign for their former nemesis Barack Obama in the home stretch of the 2008 presidential race.The nation's best known and most powerful Democrats for nearly two decades, the former first couple is getting used to a new role: cheerleaders for Obama, who vanquished Hillary Clinton last spring in a Democratic primary contest for the ages.EXCLUSIVE TO THE NEWS: OBAMA: THIS IS HOW I'LL RESCUE THE MIDDLE CLASSWhatever recriminations the Clintons may still harbor from that long battle seem to have been nudged aside as they campaign in earnest for the Democratic ticket.The New York senator and the former president will appear with Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, at a rally Sunday in Scranton, a working class town that has assumed something of an outsize role in the presidential race.Biden was born in Scranton and lived there for several years as a child, while Hillary Clinton's father grew up in the town and is buried there. Both Biden and Clinton have emphasized their Scranton roots to illustrate their connection to blue collar voters.RELATED: OBAMA TO MCCAIN: THANKS, BUT ...After the rally, the Clintons will follow separate itineraries through presidential battleground states. They will also campaign on behalf of Democratic House and Senate candidates across the country.Bill Clinton, who worked tirelessly for his wife during the primaries, seemed to take her loss more personally. Nonetheless, he gave Obama his full-throated endorsement at the Democratic convention in August. But he began stumping for the Illinois senator only recently, appearing at fundraisers and headlining two major events in Florida earlier this month.RELATED: HILLARY: SARAH PALIN IS NOT WORTH YOUR VOTEAfter the Scranton rally, the former president was headed to Richmond and Roanoke, Virginia. He also planned events in the next few days in Ohio and Nevada, Continue Reading

Bill and Hillary Clinton earned $25M from 100 paid speeches since Jan. 2014: official

WASHINGTON - For Bill and Hillary Clinton, silence isn’t golden — speeches are. The couple raked in a whopping $25 million from about 100 paid speeches since January 2014, a Clinton campaign official said Friday. That's a long way from "dead broke" — Hillary Clinton’s characterization of their finances when they left the White House in 2000. Though the total fees come to an average of about $250,000 a speech, the actual fees vary depending on the speaking engagement. The information is contained in disclosure reports the campaign is filing with the Federal Election Commission. Candidates are required to disclose their income to the FEC within 30 days of declaring their candidacy. Both Clintons have traveled widely to give paid addresses to corporate groups and others, routinely receiving six-figure fees. Bill Clinton recently rejected criticism of his huge speaking fees by saying: "I gotta pay our bills.” Hillary Clinton also earned more than $5 million for her 2014 book, "Hard Choices," according to her campaign. The campaign said the couple paid an effective federal tax rate of 30% in 2014. The Clintons had no investments that earned capital gains. Continue Reading