Daily Drive Podcast: Bills’ game plan and predictions

In this edition of the Daily Drive Podcast, Paul Peck and Kevin Sylvester from Buffalo Sports Page discuss what it will take for the Bills to beat the Jaguars. https://s3.amazonaws.com/bncore/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Daily-Drive-010518.mp3 Rundown 0:00 Strength of the Jaguars 2:05  Jags division wasn't that strong 4:09 Chances with and without LeSean McCoy 6:56  Tyrod Taylor will have to win this game 7:50 Can Bills stop Jags running game? 10:23 Tom Coughlin factor 12:08 2 Minute Drill--Game Predictions Continue Reading

Daily Drive Podcast: Bills chances are Shady without McCoy

In this edition of the Daily Drive Podcast, Paul Peck and Kevin Sylvester from Buffalo Sports Page discuss the Bills chances of beating the Jaguars without LeSean McCoy. https://s3.amazonaws.com/bncore/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Daily-Drive-010318.mp3 Rundown 0:00 McCoy injury is the biggest concern this week. 3:27  Thinking ahead? 6:00  The Toldozer is not as bad as you think, but they'll need more. 7:10   Fans wanting Fred Jackson in a pinch. 9:17  2-Minute Drill - The return of the Playoff Party! Continue Reading

LII snapshots: The Loop’s favorite Super Bowl tales

The Super Bowl turns 52 in a few weeks in our fair Cities, and this American institution has created around a billion memories, give or take a few. The Loop has his favorites, and not all of them happened in front of millions of viewers. ———— For some, it’s a majestic hall of fame catch, accompanied by a golden sunset, an NFL Films symphony and a choir of angels. For others, it’s the first stolen sip of an adult beverage, swilled in secrecy in a corner basement nook at the greatest party your parents ever threw. Your first Super Bowl memory. The NFL’s annual championship festivus might be the only shared experience our nation has left, other than decrying the influence of social media ON social media. But the import of that event, and the memories we hold onto, are as varied as our Facebook friends lists. Our first Super Bowl memory, long before we adopted The Loop moniker, was rooted in neither the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat. You could title it “Financial Ruin Averted.” Long story short: Poppa was a die-hard Baltimore Colts fan, with a collection of Colts figurines once cherished as Fathers Day gifts. Johnny Unitas and his pals made their Super Bowl debut after the 1968 season. I was only 4, so I personally recall nothing of the Colts’ incompetence that day, or the New York Jets’ historic upset. I do, however, recall the rather salient point that our family was NOT going broke because my father, who was known to make the occasional wager on games of chance, did NOT bet on the Colts because of the 18-POINT SPREAD. This served as our introduction to the perils of sports gambling, and the wisdom of those who only watch that gaming from afar. And that might explain why I’m the only person who watched Super Bowl III on television and has no recollection of that Joe Namath fellow. We’ve been more attentive in the years since, and in countless hours of reliving Super Bowls Continue Reading


CELL PHONE manufacturers are eagerly trying to steal the iPod's thunder. Verizon Wireless' new Chocolate handset, a sleek, sexy device that debuts on store shelves today, is the latest in a fresh crop of mobile phones that take your calls and hold your tunes in style. The song capacity and technology of the newest cell phones has been steadily improving and may eventually give the wildly popular Apple a run for its hard-earned money. "Before, it was a bit primitive," said Kent German, senior editor of cell phone reviews at CNET. com. "These [new] phones have enough memory, they have memory cards, they have interfaces that are more attractive, more intuitive. " During the first three months of the year, 16% of all new cell phones sold had music players in them, up from about 7% last summer, said Neil Strother, research director for mobile devices at The NPD Group. "It's not mainstream yet," Strother said, but "music capabilities will start to be a defining factor of cell phones more into next year. " The Daily News took the Chocolate phone to the streets of the city, seeking music listeners' opinion of the latest all-purpose gadget. Jessica Gafrancesco, 21, a funeral services student who lives in Syracuse, said that even with an expanded two gigabytes of memory, the device wouldn't hold enough songs for her taste. The hard-core punk and rap fan said she has nearly used up all 20 gigabytes of memory on her iPod. "There are so many bands, and I have so many CDs. " The idea of converging three devices, though, is appealing to Gabrielle Foley, 25, who is taking law school preparation classes at NYU. "Usually, that's why I have a big purse, because you always want to be able to listen to music if you're on the train, take pictures if you see something or take a phone call," Foley said. This way, "it's one less thing to have to keep an eye on. " The Chocolate's design whet the appetite of some young consumers. "The design is great," said Continue Reading