Patricia Arquette to publish a memoir, describes book as new ‘artistic journey’

Patricia Arquette has had a banner 2015 so far — and she’s not done yet. The Oscar-winning actress is writing a memoir for Random House, the publisher announced Wednesday. Arquette’s book will focus on her "her unconventional family, being a single mother at the age of 20, and her experience as a woman in Hollywood," Random House said in a release. The actress said in a statement that she hoped her book would allow fans to get to know her beyond the roles that made her famous on the big and small screen. "Over the years, the public has come to know aspects of me through my roles in film and television,” Arquette said. “Writing a memoir will be a new and intimate artistic journey for me, and I hope to bring to it the same honesty I have always sought to bring to my work as an actor." Her Random House editor Susan Kamil praised the star as a “a remarkable woman,” adding that “the instant empathy audiences feel when they see her work on screen is completely evident on the page. “The material I read is revelatory and deeply moving. Not a surprise from an actress of such nuance and intelligence.” Arquette’s book news follows her multiple award wins for “Boyhood” earlier this year, as well as her return to television in a starring role on the CBS series “CSI: Cyber.” In addition to her awards season dominance, the 46-year-old star made headlines with her Oscars acceptance speech, in which she championed for wage equality and women's rights, earning applause from A-listers Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez. Additional details about the memoir, such as the title or release date, have yet to be announced. Continue Reading

From Guns N’ Roses to Sam Smith: 9 artists who boldly plagiarized other songs

What a rip-off! A mere thin line exists between plagiarism and inspiration, and straddling it recklessly has landed some pretty big names in court. The latest case of musical infringement arrives 28 years after the hit took over the charts: Guns 'N' Roses' popular 1987 song, "Sweet Child O' Mine," is accused of copying little known Australian Crawl's 1981 track, "Unpublished Critics." The band's frontman, James Reyne, has known of the obvious parallels all along. "I have been made aware by people in the past," he told Triple M, an Australian music website. "Our song certainly came before them, I don't know quite what to say." Guns 'N' Roses vs. Australian Crawl Have a look at 8 more instances of theft from the tune to the tempo. Sam Smith vs. Tom Petty Sam Smith's talent can't be denied, but neither can the similarities from his meteoric 2014 hit "Stay With Me" when it's put up against Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down," released in 1989. After the melodies were synced together and uploaded to YouTube in 2014, the British Grammy winner had to offer The Heartbreakers' lead a co-writing credit. Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but Madonna's fans were the least bit amused when Mother Monster emerged with "Born This Way" at the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards. The tune seemed to be completely inspired by Madge's 1989 song "Express Yourself," in both melody and message. Robin Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye If he could turn back the hands of time we're sure Robin Thicke would do so in a heartbeat. The R&B crooner was ordered Continue Reading

Japanese artist who depicted vaginas fights for free speech on trial

A Japanese artist on trial for obscenity after making objects modeled on her vagina said on Wednesday that there was nothing wrong with her artwork and her arrest showed how far Japan was behind the West in terms of sexual equality. Megumi Igarashi, 43, was arrested last year after building a kayak with a top shaped like her vagina and sending 3D printer data of her scanned genitalia, the digital basis for the boat, to a number of donors. She faces up to two years in jail and fines of up to $20,900 if found guilty. Her arrest, on suspicion of distributing obscene materials, triggered debate in Japan over women's rights and artistic freedom. "The fact that I was arrested for this at all shows that Japan is still very backwards about women's sexual expression, that it is not acknowledged at all except as something for men's pleasure," said Igarashi, who works under the name "Rokudenashiko" or "good-for-nothing girl." "There's huge resistance to women using their body to express themselves," she told Reuters after her first trial hearing on Wednesday. "The fact that I was arrested for this is just strange." Although Japan has an extensive pornography industry, it remains regulated by a section of the criminal code that dates back to 1907. Video pornography in Japan has often used digital mosaics to obscure genitalia in sex scenes as a way to avoid obscenity charges. A 1951 Supreme Court case broadly defined obscenity as something that stimulates desire and violates an ordinary person's sense of sexual shame and morality. While depictions of female genitalia remain largely taboo in Japan, representations of male genitalia are shown at shrines and in some festivals, where giant phalluses are paraded openly through the streets. Igarashi's lawyer, Takashi Yamaguchi, said he was confident of winning. "Her means of expression don't incite desire at all ...," he said. "She is Continue Reading

Irish artist plasters gay lovers on Dublin building to support country’s marriage equality referendum

An image of two men embracing, plastered on the side of a Dublin building, is the work of an Irish artist one month before Ireland puts marriage equality to a vote. The touching black and white homage takes up at least four stories in Dublin as a “poignant representation of same sex love in the city,” its artist, Joe Caslin, told the Journal. Its new presence has couples flocking to the busy street below for selfies. The country’s marriage equality referendum is the only one of its kind in the world. It asks voters to decide whether same-sex couples can marry. While the same-sex marriage battle in the U.S. will rely on the Supreme Court’s decision in late June, Ireland’s case will be decided by voters on May 22. The Irish referendum would add a clause to the country’s constitution that allows marriage to be contracted by two people “without distinction as to their sex.” Caslin’s work, reportedly inspired by a 1864 painting “The Meeting on the Turret Stairs,” went up overnight Sunday with a crew working in the rain. He expects additional urban LGBT art to pop up around the country’s capital including a mural paying tribute to a lesbian relationship. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Grammar-challenged tattoo artist gives fan Bon Jovi ink: ‘It’s is my life — Jon Bovi’

It’s his life — and his mistake. A Reddit user posted a photo of her boyfriend’s unfortunate tattoo tribute to Bon Jovi. The scrawled-letter tattoo reads, “It's is my life — Jon Bovi,” apparently a typo-riddled reference to Bon Jovi’s 2000 song, “It’s My Life.” Other Reddit users quickly called the image fake, saying not even the world’s worst tattoo artist could make the double flub. But original poster Lolololokokok called the gaffe “very real”: She has to see it on her boyfriend every day, she said. It’s not clear where the man with the unlucky tattoo lives, or if the blame belongs to him or his tattoo artist. Or maybe the inked boyfriend was in on the joke:  He could have been making a reference to the Jon Bovi, the Bon Jovi opposite band featured on “Saturday Night Live.” The anti-Jovi artists performed would-be hits like “Alive and Dead” and “Dying on a Prayer” on SNL between 2006 and 2009. However, the Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis band never had a song called "It's Is My Life." Continue Reading

Escape artist Spencer Horsman rescued from stunt gone wrong during rehearsal for Criss Angel show

There's no escaping the fact that something went terrifyingly wrong during a rehearsal Wednesday night for a major trick from illusionist Criss Angel's new show. Video leaked to the Internet shows Angel and his crew frantically scrambling to pull escape artist Spencer Horsman from a water tank suspended by chains about 30 feet from the stage. With his hands shackled, Horsman appears to be unconcsious in the video of the ill-fated rehearsal session for Angel's "Supernaturalists" show at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Crewmembers could be heard screaming and yelling, "Get Him Down," for 15 seconds until Horsman, who rose to fame on "America's Got Talent," could be freed. FOLLOW THE DAILY NEWS ON FACEBOOK. CLICK HERE TO 'LIKE.' Angel, himself a famed illusionist, is one of the rescuers seen on the video clambering up the chains to unlatch the top of the tank, according to Fox News. Angel and Horsman have yet to publically comment on the near disaster. As Horsman recovers from an escape from death of the much too literal kind, though, Angel moved the opening of his Foxwoods show to Friday, two days later than originally scheduled. "In an effort to ensure the safety of the cast and crew, we will be moving the opening night of Supernaturalists to June 26th," Angel said in a statement. The stage show unites nine magicians with different specialities — with Angel appearing from Las Vegas for each performance via a video feed. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

Artists behind Edward Snowden statue want NYPD to give it back

It’s Edward Snowden or bust. The artists behind the Edward Snowden statue that was covertly erected in Fort Greene Park are demanding that the NYPD return the bronze-colored bust. The tribute to the 31-year-old National Security Agency leaker was confiscated hours after it surfaced at the park’s Prison Ship Martyrs Monument on April 6. The unidentified artists' lawyer, Ron Kuby, revealed Tuesday that he’s fired off a letter to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton — demanding the NYPD release the statue. “Whatever the right of the Parks Department to remove an unauthorized sculpture, that does not translate into the right of the police to indefinitely detain a work of art,” Kuby said Tuesday at the site where the Snowden bust was erected. “The statue itself is not contraband.” The artists are planning to submit an application to exhibit the sculpture through the Parks Department's Art in the Parks initiative, a program that displays artwork in city parks throughout the city. A Manhattan gallery, Postmasters, is also hoping to put the piece on display next month. "By releasing our sculpture of the NYPD has an amazing opportunity to show it protects not only its people, but also honors the city's long history as a benchmark for creative expression and free thinking,” the artists said in a statement read by Geoffrey Croft, president of NYC Park Advocates. NYPD spokeswoman Deputy Chief Kim Royster said confiscated property “may be” returned once investigations are wrapped up. “All property that is confiscated for investigatory purposes may be returned to the rightful owner after the investigation is completed and if claimed by the owner who produces proper identification,” Royster said. The stunt was meticulously planned. The artists, donning reflective vests and white construction helmets to Continue Reading

Artist and activist Seph Lawless shares pics of abandoned and dilapidated Cleveland theater slated for big renovation

These pictures raise the curtain on a long-closed vaudeville theater. Artist and activist photographer Seph Lawless shot Cleveland’s abandoned Variety Theatre earlier this month to help raise funds for a preservationist group that’s bringing the one-time Warner Brothers playhouse back to life, Lawless told the Daily News. The Friends of the Historic Variety Theatre, an organization that owns the sprawling 1927 building at W. 118th St. and Lorain Ave. and is developing it in partnership with the Westown Community Development Corporation, brought in the locally based photog known for his images of economic decline. The theater also served as a movie house and live music venue before the city closed it in 1986, the pseudonymous Lawless said. “Here you have very authentic American ruins,” he said. “It’s a really beautiful thing, and it’s very rare to capture that.” But it won’t be ruins much longer. The partners have plans to spruce up the theater section of the building and rent out the structure’s eight retail storefronts and 13 second-story apartments, local magazine Fresh Water reported. The Friends bought the National Register of Historic Places property for $1.1 million in 2009 and the nonprofit developer anticipates spending $12 million on renovations, according to the publication. The revamped theater will form the centerpiece of Cleveland’s Lorain Avenue Master Plan for redevelopment along the once-thriving strip, according to the community development corporation’s website. Lawless, who has already published an e-book with his newest collection of photos, once attended music shows at the venue, which hosted the likes of REM and Metallica, he says. But he missed a famous 1984 Motörhead concert where the heavy metal band’s songs rang out so loudly that they created cracks in the ceiling and sent plaster raining Continue Reading

Make-up artist transforms himself into Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Dakota Johnson

Paolo Ballestero, actor and makeup artist extraordinaire, has received tons of attention for his impressive makeup transformations. The skilled artist has completely changed his face to look like stars from the Kardashian sisters to Taylor Swift and even funny woman Ellen DeGeneres. He has been able to acquire 165K followers on his Instagram, which is packed with his amazing celebrity metamorphoses. Ballestero is slated to star in an Indie film titled "Die Beautiful," where he will play a Filipino transgender woman, who wishes to be buried looking like Lady Gaga. Continue Reading

Street artist plasters ‘No Kardashian Parking Anytime’ signs around Hollywood

His patience meter for Hollywood's most notorious clan has expired. Lifelike street signs declaring "No Kardashian Parking Anytime" appeared bolted to signposts around Hollywood this week, including one outside the family's Dash boutique. The seven signs, hung beneath regular parking notices on Melrose Avenue and other posh commercial strips, were meant as a shot at both the media and the public's hunger for celebrity news, the street artist Plastic Jesus told the Daily News. "The idea came from observing celebrities around Hollywood, including the Kardashians, and seeing how (their) most menial tasks…whether it's shopping, going to a restaurant, pumping gas, have turned into a cultural news event," the LA-based artist said. Plastic Jesus, who erected a coke-snorting Oscar statue on Hollywood Boulevard before the Academy Awards, said the idea for the signs came a few weeks ago after he watched swarms of paparazzi dart across traffic on Melrose to photograph one of the Kardashians leaving a store after "buying underwear or something." A ridiculous display, for sure, but also a basic civic issue, he argued. "If you or I went out and created that much of a display on the street, it would get moved on pretty quickly by the authorities," he said. Aside from the Dash store, the signs were also affixed to posts outside The Ivy restaurant on Robertson Boulevard, Cecconi's on Melrose and a nearby FitMix fitness studio, among other buzzy shopping spots and eateries. Plastic Jesus said he used conventional nuts and bolts to hang the metal signs and intended them to be temporary. So far, the LAPD hasn't received any complaints about the signs, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though the signs singled out the Kardashians, the London native said he had no ill feelings toward the reality stars and was only looking to make a point about fame's connection to mindless Continue Reading