Live stream: ‘Up and Vanished’ creator answers your questions live

Fans of Up and Vanished followed the true crime podcast from humble beginnings to such wild success even its creator probably didn’t see coming, having now surpassed 150 million downloads and currently in the midst of development for a docu-series with Oxygen.When the podcast premiered in August 2016, Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsay confessed his obsession with hit true crime projects Serial and Making a Murderer. He wanted to make his own, and it all started with a Google search for unsolved cases in Georgia.  That’s when he stumbled upon the missing persons case of Tara Grinstead, a Georgia high school teacher and beauty queen who hasn't been seen for 12 years.Payne described an “urge to solve the puzzle and reveal the truth and this universal satisfaction when we catch the bad guy. We all want an answer. An explanation for the unexplained.”Fans listened, captive, as that’s exactly what happened as the podcast unfolded. Less than a year into the podcast, two suspects were arrested for Grinstead’s murder.  Many questions remain about exactly what happened the night of her death.The podcast has since gone on a national tour. And a second season of Up and Vanished, exploring a different case, is currently in the works. On December 14, Payne and Donald Albright, who co-founded content creation company Tenderfoot TV, will answer your questions about the Tara Grinstead case live. You can ask your questions now or during the live event on the USA TODAY LIFE Facebook page. Watch on Facebook or at the top of this page.Payne and Albright will also talk about their latest project, Atlanta Monster, which explores the serial killings that haunted the Atlanta community nearly 40 years ago, known as The Atlanta Child Murders.  Continue Reading

Get Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders to answer your questions in Brooklyn debate

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will battle it out during an April 14 debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. CNN and NY1 will broadcast the two-hour event and the New York Daily News will be among those questioning the candidates. TRANSCRIPT: BERNIE SANDERS MEETS WITH NEWS EDITORIAL BOARD So we’re asking our readers what they would like to ask Sanders or Clinton. If your question is selected, it will be read on the air by News reporter Jennifer Fermino. Email your suggestion and your contact information — name and phone number. Continue Reading

WATCH: ‘The Five’ Answers Your Questions on Facebook Friday!

Today on The Five’s “Facebook Free-For-All,” Andrea Tantaros, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld​ answered viewer questions. Tantaros was asked about her favorite vacation spot and answered that she loves Greece and the quiet, serene beaches of Anguilla. When questioned about what life event made him a liberal, Beckel revealed it was the influence of his parents and that liberalism has been in his family for generations. Beckel was also asked how he attained his impressive command of history and politics, to which he responded that history deeply interests him, and he reads a lot. “Without having a really good grasp of history," Beckel said. "You can’t have a grasp of politics or ... domestic or international issues.” A known running enthusiast, Bolling was queried if he runs in marathons. He shared that ten miles is the furthest distance he’s ever run and he didn’t think he could finish a real marathon. Tantaros was asked about her the best piece of advice she's ever received, which came from her dad who told her to choose something you love as a career and never give up. And when everyone was asked who drinks what beverages in their coffee mugs, one member of The Five answered "squirrel urine"! Watch the full segment above to learn about each co-host's drink of choice and to enjoy more “Facebook Free-For-All” fun! Plus, follow The Five on Twitter and visit their Facebook page here. Continue Reading

‘After the Show Show’: Elisabeth Answers Your Questions!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's first day on Fox and Friends is in the books (if you missed it, check out the highlights) and on the "After the Show Show" she took some of your questions following a rainy-but-fun obstacle course challenge. - What is she looking forward to at Fox News? - Will she be doing football picks? - What's the hardest part of balancing her personal life and professional life? Those were just a few of the questions she answered. Check out the video above, plus we also played Finish the Sentence with Elisabeth over the weekend! Continue Reading

LIVE CHAT: Rapper 50 Cent answers your questions

It’s the next best thing to being in da club right next to 50 Cent. The rapper, entrepreneur and actor will be taking over the Daily News offices as guest editor next week. Among his new job responsibilities will be answering readers’ questions in an exclusive LIVE web chat Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 1:30 p.m. EST. Yes, we’ve gift-rapped the opportunity for YOU to hear from one of the most interesting voices in show business. So submit your 21 questions – or even just one of them – by clicking link below, or use #NYDNChat on Twitter. JOIN THE CONVERSATION HERE. Continue Reading

LIVE CHAT: Simon Pegg, star of ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness,’ answers your questions

Simon says join our exclusive live web chat! Comic actor Simon Pegg, star of the “Star Trek,” “Mission: Impossible” movies and the upcoming comedy, “Hector and the Search for Happiness,” is here at the Daily News offices to answer YOUR questions.  JOIN OUR EXCLUSIVE LIVE CHAT HERE.  Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Expert answers your questions on the End of the World

If you really want answers, get them before the world supposedly ends!Based on interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar, some people are predicting the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012.Others believe that instead of Doomsday and destruction, the day will mark a new era for humanity and will be a time for celebration.Dr. Lisa Lucero, a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois, responded to your questions on the subject. Replay the transcript to read her answers. Continue Reading

St. John’s live chat: Roger Rubin answers your questions about the NCAA Tournament-hopeful Red Storm

St. John's has been energized in Steve Lavin's first season in Queens and the former UCLA coach has the Red Storm looking like an NCAA Tournament team.Will wins over Duke, Connecticut and Notre Dame be enough to make the selection committee overlook early-season losses to St. Bonaventure and Fordham? Daily News college basketball writer Roger Rubin joins us at noon on Thursday to answer all of your questions about the Johnnies. We'll start taking questions at 11:30 a.m. so be sure to show up early. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mr. Lotto answers your questions

What is the mysterious 21st ball in the Quick Draw game, asks BTW. "I am a member of Lottery Post, the lottery Web site. We are having a discussion regarding what the 21st ball in the Quick Draw game is all about. "I have gone to the official New York Lottery Web site but I can't find any explanation for the 21st ball other than it is shown in the results as a green ball. "Do you have any idea what this is about? I figured if anybody knows the answer to that question, Mr. Lotto would know." The green 21st ball is the prize multiplier number for the Quick Draw game's $1 Bonus feature. By paying an extra dollar for each ticket any prizes won - including the $100,000 jackpot - will be multiplied by the number (1 to 10) on the green ball. Here's another question. Silvio John Vatovec of Sayville, L.I., lives in a nursing home, but he's trying to find a way to leave. "In your column you said if you get state aid and win the lottery, the state confiscates half of your winnings. "When a person is in a nursing home, the home takes all your Social Security and pension each month and completely confiscates all your savings: 401(k), property and any other assets. "Then they put you on Medicaid [state aid] and Medicare [federal aid]. Most people in that situation play the lottery in hopes of winning enough to get out of the nursing home and be free once again, myself being one of them. "I have a yearly subscription to Mega Millions Lottery. How much will both [the state and federal government] take, if I win the big prize?" The state will hit you for up to half what you win on any prize more than $600. So you should probably play games that either pay less than $600 or pay many millions. That way, if you win nobody will know, or in the case of a Mega jackpot like the $60million for yesterday's drawing, you won't care about taxes. I love the idea, and in your case winning really would be life-changing. Stephen Allensworth is the publisher of Continue Reading

We answer your questions about iPhone X

LOS ANGELES — You've got lots of questions about the new Apple iPhone X, which will be released Friday at 8 a.m. You've posed them to us on social media — so let's dive in and answer them. First, a quick primer: The iPhone X is Apple’s new flagship 10th anniversary phone, the first re-designed phone since 2014’s iPhone 6. It features facial recognition to unlock the screen, an edge to edge 5.8-inch OLED screen, promising richer blacks and colors, and the ability to make animated emojis based on your expressions.The iPhone X went on pre-sale Friday morning and quickly sold out its initial shipment. Deliveries for current orders are promised within 5-6 weeks. Apple says it will have some inventory Friday at retail, but due to production issues, the company is expected to have fewer units available than usual. The best way to ensure getting the product is to pre-order, either via the Apple Store app, or online at or via third-party re-sellers like the wireless carriers.  More: Iphone X only for very patient More: You can't get the iPhone X, so maybe the iPhone 8 isn't so bad after all More: Want the iPhone X? It doesn’t have to cost you $1,000 The iPhone X starts at $999, vs. $699 for the iPhone 8, the other new phone Apple released this year, in September.Now onto the questions:• Ariel Keller: “Should I stick with the 8 or get the 10?” That’s a personal choice, and up to you. The 8 is a classic iPhone that works like other models in the past. It has a faster processor, a glass back and if you get the step-up premium Plus edition, software enhancements on the camera that are fun for photographers to play with.• Roger Daniel: "Will there be an X Plus?" Apple hasn’t announced one at this point. But who knows?• Rebecca Navarro-Vomas: “Will the charger be different with the X?” No, it’s the same lightning charger we’ve Continue Reading