CBS News Logo Trump still insists thousands in Jersey City cheered the 9/11 attacks

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is sticking by his dubious contention that he saw "thousands and thousands of people" cheering in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attack in Jersey City, New Jersey. It's a claim that has been debunked by a number of fact checkers since he made the assertion over the weekend - but Trump claimed he had proof. "[T]he media was going crazy. They were having a field day, and one of my people came in, 'Mr. Trump, I have a story in the Washington Post,'" Trump told a crowd of thousands here in Columbus. Trump then proceeded to read out loud a story from the Washington Post on September 18th, 2001, which said that "law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river." Trump has also faced off with critics in recent days after New Jersey. Both officials and fact checkers have said it's not true, but Trump is sticking to his guns. The anecdote in the article never led anywhere, according to the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler. Some readers brought up the same article that Trump pointed out, and Kessler contacted both of the reporters on the story. One of them, Serge Kovaleski, told Kessler, "I certainly do not remember anyone saying that thousands or even hundreds of people were celebrating," and the other, Fredrick Kunkle, the other reporter, recalled, "I specifically visited the Jersey City building and neighborhood where the celebrations were purported to have happened. But I could never verify that report." Some of Trump's most ardent supporters believed his version of events, which Trump said he witnessed on TV at the time. Bruce Engelhardt, 63 years of age, is a shopping center manager from nearby Pinkerton. "I mean, it probably did happen in some ways," Engelhardt said. "Let's face it, you look at the facts, it did happen. There's Continue Reading

Mets, Braves gather on the field to shake hands just like they did in first game after 9/11 attack

ATLANTA — The Mets and Braves wore the hats of New York’s first responders before their game Sunday, as they do every Sept. 11, a nod to the day the Mets and Braves brought baseball back to the city and country in 2001. The Braves put on a touching tribute with members of the military carrying out the American flag, bagpipes playing “Amazing Grace,” police officers offering a 21-gun salute and ultimately a moment of silence. As they did last year when the Mets were here on Sept. 11, the Braves played a video commemorating that emotional game between the two teams on Sept. 21, 2001, the first major league game played in the city after the attacks. And then in another nod to that memorable moment, the Mets and Braves players and on-field personnel met on the infield, just like they did before that game nearly 15 years ago. All teams in baseball held pregame ceremonies remembering the attack on America Sunday. The teams wore caps with the American flag on the side and proceeds from the sales of those caps will be donated to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Pentagon memorial and the Flight 93 Memorial. FLORES STILL IFFY “He’ll probably need a few days,” Collins said. “I checked with him in the third to see if he could hit and he said he didn’t feel great. It’ll be a few days.” Flores spent Sunday getting treatment for the injury. He left the game with a neck contusion and X-rays showed no damage to the bones or cartilage, but Flores admitted he felt dizzy and weird after the collision. He said the Mets did not do a concussion test on him and Collins and the team declined to comment on it. Steven Matz’s bullpen on Saturday was abbreviated, just 25 pitches, but the lefthander — who has been on the disabled list with an impingement in his left shoulder — came through it fine, the Mets ‘manager said. Continue Reading

Tourism spot for Colonial Williamsburg shocks some New Yorkers during Super Bowl 50 for use of 9/11 attack footage

New Yorkers relived the tragic sight of the Twin Towers crumbling apart while watching a Super Bowl 50 commercial for Colonial Williamsburg. Footage from the 9/11 attacks flashed across regionally-targeted television screens in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., for an ad by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Virginia. SEE IT: THE TOP 7 STAR STUDDED SUPERBOWL ADS The tourism spot celebrated a montage of defining moments in American history dating back to the Founding Fathers. It aired just after halftime, offending some viewers for what they interpreted as a macabre use of 9/11 footage. “Shame on #ColonialWilliamsburg for using images of the towers burning in their commercial,” wrote Twitter user @KGuest22. “Exploiting the horror is disgusting.” JENNIFER LAWRENCE, OLIVIA MNN WAGE WAR IN ACTION-PACKED SUPER BOWL TRAILER FOR 'X-MEN: APOCALYPSE' Another user, @DanielbyDay, wrote: “Wasn’t expecting 9/11 footage to sell tourism in #ColonialWilliamsburg.” “Saturday Night Live” cast member Taran Killam also expressed his dislike for the 30-second advertisement. “What’s a bigger tragedy than 9/11? Working at Colonial Williamsburg,” Killam wrote. The video was narrated by legendary NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw, who rushed to work immediately after the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. BEYONCE NEARLY FALLS DURING SUPER BOWL 50 HALFTIME PERFORMANCE “We’ve come a long way in a few hundred years when you consider the barriers we’ve broken, the leaps we made and the courage we’ve shown,” said Brokaw, as the video showcased historical clips of the Women’s suffrage, John F. Kennedy and NASA’s Space Shuttle program. HELEN MIRREN BLASTS DRUNK DRIVERS IN BUDWEISER SUPER BOWL AD The video, produced by the Texas-based ad agency, Firehouse, then Continue Reading

ISIS vows to ‘repeat 9/11’ in chilling new video: ‘We are Back in America’

ISIS has vowed to “repeat September 11” by sending a fleet of suicide bombers and truck loads of explosives to American shores. In a chilling new video — which features quotes from Osama bin Laden, 2001 photos of the destroyed World Trade Center and horrific footage of ISIS beheadings — the terror group waged war on the U.S. The 10-minute video, titled “We are Back in America,” did not reveal any specific terror plots or timelines, but issued violent threats against the U.S.  “We will repeat September 11 and we will send cars full of explosives and suicide bombers,” text in the video read as terrorists chanted a fight song in English promising that their fighters “are more than ready.” The footage also featured quotes from bin Laden, the mastermind behind the horrific 9/11 attacks, and showed a Photoshopped picture of him sitting in front of the burning Twin Towers. “Every Muslim, from the moment they realize the distinction in their hearts, hates Americans, hates Jews and hates Christians,” bin Laden is quoted as saying. “We declared jihad against the US government, because the US government is unjust, criminal and tyrannical. It has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous and criminal whether directly or through its support of the Israeli occupation,” read another bin Laden quote. The sick clip stitched together footage of the 9/11 attacks with graphic footage of ISIS terrorists beheading victims. The video closed by showing portraits of the “Islamic Cyber Army.” Alleged members include “Dr. ISIS,” “Hacker Aldmar” and “Syria Virus.” It’s not clear how the cyber terrorists relate to the threatened suicide bombing plot. Ahead of this year’s 9/11 anniversary, ISIS promised a hacking attack against the U.S. with another threatening video called Continue Reading

ISIS terrorists praise Paris attacks and threaten America again in latest video release

Twisted Islamic State terrorists have released a new video praising the terror attacks and threatening the city again. The video – titled ‘Paris Has Collapsed’ – also threatens America as the group say it will target Paris again in an attack as big as the 9/11 World Trade Center assaults. It was released by the terror organization’s media office in Syria to mark one week since the terror attacks killed 130 people in the French capital. French president Francois Hollande is also threatened by the men speaking on camera, who have their faces covered by masks and are brandishing rifles. "What do they expect from the nation of Islam, other than more of these strikes?” says one man. "We bring Hollande and the people around him the good tidings – as we bring Obama and the people around him the good tidings – of more of these strikes. "Allah willing, we shall roast them with explosive belts and car bombs.” CAPTAGON, THE AMPHETAMINE FUELING ISIS FIGHTERS The video also shows a computer-generated image of the Eiffel Tower collapsing, and threats that the group will invade France before conquering Rome. Speaking in French, the men also criticize the Muslims who live France, blaming the country for sending airplanes to bomb and kill Muslim women and children in Iraq and Syria daily. Addressing French President Francois Hollande, he said: "We will strike again as long as you attack us in our country, we will attack you in your country. “This is just the beginning. What is coming is greater and better than this." The second militant first congratulates the Paris attackers, and goes on to promise that ISIS would carry out more attacks in the country. "To the brothers in France, prepare and put your trust in Allah. Once you put your trust in Allah, nothing will stop you," he tells the Continue Reading

Watch the Amazing Time-Lapse Video of the 9/11 Memorial Being Built

  A just-released time-lapse video shows the incredible undertaking of rebuilding Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.  The two-minute video has already been watched on YouTube more than 1.2 million times. The video was shot by EarthCam, whose founder posted the following message with the video. It's been a heroic undertaking to rebuild downtown New York City after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Within days of this national tragedy, I personally installed a camera to webcast the rescue and recovery for the families, and the world, to see the brave determination of first responders. As the recovery effort continued, we installed more cameras to document the rebuilding and construction of the site. This commemorative time-lapse honors the victims of 9/11 and is dedicated to their families and friends, with special gratitude to the first responders and the steadfast construction teams. A super hardworking team at EarthCam, who I am so proud to work with, spent countless hours keeping the many webcams at the World Trade Center active for 4,617 days (and counting). This unprecedented effort provided our in-house editors with over 1 million images to choose from when creating this two-and-a-half minute video, as well as our other commemorative World Trade Center movies. We at EarthCam are committed to continuing this photographic documentation to educate future generations and have donated all the images as well as the original camera to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. I hope this time-lapse serves as a way to recognize that for the 10 years of construction, there was constant progress made to rebuild these important 16 acres of America. Sincerely, It took more than a decade for the site to be transformed into the 9/11 Memorial, which was built in the shadow of the 104-story One World Trade Center. Watch the awesome footage above.  Continue Reading

Report: Jetliners Missing From Libyan Airport, New 9/11 Attack Feared

U.S. officials are concerned about a new attack to mark the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks after nearly a dozen commercial jetliners were seized at a Libyan airport, the Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday. Militants reportedly took control of the planes from Tripoli's main airport. Intelligence agencies are said to be concerned about the prospect of the airliners being used in suicide attacks across North Africa. King of Saudi Arabia Warns ISIS Could Reach U.S. in 2 Months Sermon Censorship? YouTube Yanks Pastor's ISIS Message, Cancels Account Here's more from the report by the Washington Free Beacon: The officials said U.S. intelligence agencies have not confirmed the aircraft theft following the takeover of Tripoli International Airport in late August, and are attempting to locate all aircraft owned by two Libyan state-owned airline companies, as security in the country continued to deteriorate amid fighting between Islamists and anti-Islamist militias. Video surfaced on Sunday showing armed fighters from the Islamist militia group Libyan Dawn partying inside a captured U.S. diplomatic compound in Tripoli. The footage showed one fighter diving into a pool from a second-story balcony at the facility. Tripoli airport and at least seven aircraft were reported damaged during fighting that began in July. Photos of the airport in the aftermath showed a number of damaged aircraft. The airport has been closed since mid-July. The state-owned Libyan Airlines fleet until this summer included 14 passenger and cargo jetliners, including seven Airbus 320s, one Airbus 330, two French ATR-42 turboprop aircraft, and four Bombardier CJR-900s. Libyan state-owned Afriqiyah Airways fleet is made up of 13 aircraft, including three Airbus 319s, seven Airbus 320s, two Airbus 330s, and one Airbus 340. The aircraft were reportedly taken in late August following the takeover of Tripoli International Airport, located about 20 miles south of the capital, by Libyan Dawn. Al Continue Reading

Osama Bin Laden sickly boasted he’d get away with 9/11 attacks

Osama Bin Laden thought he was going to get away with it. When Sulaiman Abu Ghaith on the night of 9/11 predicted that the United States would track Bin Laden down and kill him, the monster replied, “You're being too pessimistic.” That was the testimony Wednesday from Abu Ghaith, who later married Bin Laden’s eldest daughter and who is on trial in Manhattan Federal Court for terrorism. Bin Laden had summoned Abu Ghaith to a mountain cave in Afghanistan just hours after the 9/11 attacks, said the defendant, whose decision to take the witness stand Wednesday was a surprise twist. “He said, ‘We are the ones who did it. What do you expect to happen?’” testified Abu Ghaith, 48, who is charged with supporting terrorists and conspiring to kill Americans. “I said, ‘Politically, America … will not settle until it has accomplished two things: to kill you and topple the state of the Taliban.’ He said, ‘You're being too pessimistic.’” Abu Ghaith’s prediction came true in May 2011 when Navy SEALs launched a daring raid into Bin Laden’s fortress in Pakistan and killed the Al Qaeda leader. Abu Ghatih said Bin Laden had asked him to deliver a filmed propaganda speech about the attacks and, after some hesitation, the defendant agreed, he said Wednesday through an Arabic interpreter. Abu Ghaith told the jury in his case that Bin Laden put words in his mouth and that he was in Afghanistan on a “humanitarian mission.” “I want you to deliver a message to the world,” Bin Laden said, Abu Ghaith testified. “I'm going to give you some points and you will build around them.” By making videos with Bin Laden on Sept. 12, 2001 and later, Abu Ghaith played the role of Al Qaeda spokesman, the feds said. They allege he knew about a plot to explode shoe bombs on American jets in late 2001 when he Continue Reading

Obama declares that ‘America stands tall’ as he observes the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks

WASHINGTON — Hours after expanding the military campaign against ISIS fanatics, President Obama marked the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, honoring the innocents lost and vowing that terrorists will never “break us.” In what has become a solemn, annual ritual, Obama, his wife Michelle and Vice President Biden emerged from the White House Wednesday morning and walked slowly to a designated spot on the South Lawn. At precisely 8:46 a.m., the moment when the first hijacked plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center, they stopped and led the nation in a moment of silence. The only sound, beyond the muffled noise of distant traffic, was the solemn toll of a bell. A military bugler then played taps as the Obamas and Biden stood with their right hands over their hearts. Fifty-one minutes later, at the Pentagon’s 9/11 Memorial, Obama observed the moment when American Airlines Flight 77, hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists, crashed into the building. “Thirteen years after small and hateful minds conspired to break us, America stands tall and America stands proud,” Obama said. “And guided by the values that sustain us, we will only grow stronger.” This year’s observances were fraught with new meaning following Obama’s prime-time address Wednesday, when he announced his strategy against the latest Islamist threat confronting America, ISIS. In that speech, the President repeatedly invoked 9/11. “We continue to face a terrorist threat,” Obama said. “We cannot erase every trace of evil from the world, and small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm. That was the case before 9/11, and that remains true today.” In his remarks Thursday, the President made no mention of ISIS, but he spoke, in general terms, of triumphing over terror and he paid tribute to the American spirit. “We carry on, because, as Americans, we do not give in to Continue Reading

Readers sound off on the attacks on U.S. diplomats, the 9/11 museum and the 9/11 anniversary

America under attack abroad F orest Hills: Why bother to have an embassy and consulates in those countries that don’t respect them, and what is the useless UN doing to protect them (“ ‘We are Osama,’ ” Sept. 12) ? Just like this administration, they just want to throw America under the bus and destroy the principles it was built on with the sacrifices of those who came before us. Richard Shaw Huntington Station, L.I.: Libyan extremists kill our ambassador and three other Americans, and Washington is outraged. But I bet the Libyan foreign-aid check went out on time and will keep going out to President Obama’s friends. Ken Krasniewski Brooklyn: Any attack on our embassies is an attack on American soil! The 9/11 tearing down of our flag in Egypt and murders in Libya are additional examples of the extremist Muslim hatred of us and what we stand for. We should be terminating the billions of dollars in financial aid that we send to our enemies. Edwin Delaney Underground zero Bronx: Talk about wasted time and money. After my brother Capt. William Burke of Engine 21 gave his life on 9/11, I warned Lower Manhattan Development Corp. officials that an underground 9/11 museum would add hundreds of millions of dollars to its cost. Nobody cared. It had to go underground to ensure that there were no reminders of the attacks at plaza level to protect the “integrity” of the memorial design. Which is why today we have a very large, pretty memorial that is antiseptic and teaches visitors nothing of 9/11. Imagine the USS Arizona Memorial without the Arizona; Hiroshima without the dome remnants; Gettysburg without the battlefield. It is a strange 9/11 memorial that does not acknowledge 9/11. We have forsaken our duty at Ground Zero for the sake of waterfalls and trees. Michael Burke Never forget Rockaway Park: Your headline “Remember them” (Sept. 11) is what we must do. Let’s call 9/11 Remembrance Continue Reading