Britney Spears remains hospitalized following custody standoff

Britney Spears was derailed yet again in her struggle to get her career and personal life back on track. Hauled away from her Los Angeles home by paramedics and police, the 26-year-old pop star remained hospitalized Friday as attorneys met in Superior Court in her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their two young sons. Lawyers spent 30 minutes in the court commissioner's chambers. Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said Friday a Superior Court commissioner issued orders, but they would not be released until sometime Monday. Kaplan said that he was not happy about any of the events and that there were "no winners here." Federline has temporary custody of 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James because Spears, who has limited visitation rights, has defied court orders. Kaplan said he had been at Spears' hilltop home late Thursday before an ambulance whisked the singer through a throng of paparazzi to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after a nearly three-hour standoff with Los Angeles police. "I was up at the guard gate where (she) lives. I did not go in" to the home, Kaplan said. "I was up there only to bring a document ... that identified the existing court order" about the couple's custody arrangements and visitation schedule. He gave the document to a security guard. Kaplan said he later went to Cedars-Sinai, but he declined to provide any details about Spears, her ex-husband, or their two sons. Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, also would not disclose any information about her daughter's condition. "Just say prayers," she told the celebrity news show "Access Hollywood" by phone Friday. Hospital spokeswoman Simi Singer wouldn't confirm or deny reports in entertainment media that Spears would be held for 72 hours for psychological evaluation. The reports didn't identify their sources. Spears' latest troubles began around 8 p.m. Thursday when officers were called to her home because she refused to turn over her children Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse – British Britney Spears

The celebrity train wreck is an international phenomenon. While Americans can count on Britney Spears causing a tabloid trauma just about every day, across the pond, Britain has its own hot mess: Self-destructing pop star Amy Winehouse. Spears is famous for leaving the house and forgetting to put on her shoes and clothes. British Brit? Kinda the same. Take Sunday at 5:45 a.m., when Winehouse emerged onto the streets from a pal's house barefoot, wearing only a bra and jeans. She appeared disoriented as she wandered around for several minutes in the cold before disappearing back inside. Amy and Britney are the tabloid gifts that just keep on giving. Both ladies set out to fame and fortune early in life. Winehouse released her first hit album, "Frank," in 2003 at the tender age of 20. She shot to international fame in 2006 when producer Mark Ronson debuted her single "Rehab" on his radio show. As with Britney, with the success came the crazy. As Winehouse's album climbed the charts, her life began to unravel in public. Just like Britney, Winehouse was unable to keep her trap shut. She began admitting to interviewers that she'd had problems with both bulimia and cutting. She was frequently photographed drunk and dazed at hot spots like Cuckoo, London's equivalent of Winston's. Then, just when it looked like she had hit rock bottom, Winehouse thought a quickie wedding might save her from herself. Last May, she married her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Blake Fielder-Civil (Winehouse's equivalent of K-Fed) in a secret Miami ceremony. As Winehouse's bad behavior spiraled out of control, her appearance worsened: These days, she and Fielder-Civil could be mistaken for hobos on the street - disheveled and missing teeth. Winehouse briefly entered rehab in August after an alleged drug overdose, but, like Brit, quickly fled. In October, Amy and Blake were arrested in Norway for possession of marijuana. Soon after, they were photographed Continue Reading

6 months after near self-destruct, Britney Spears is all about music & kids

Six months ago she was forcibly strapped to a stretcher and placed on psychiatric hold in two different hospitals. A judge cut off all contact with her two toddler sons. Her "Blackout" album failed to go platinum as a deafening papaparazzi circus took the place of actual promotion. It seemed like an irreversible slide destined to end in tragedy. That was then. Six months later, a feisty and focused Britney Spears is putting her life back together. "She's the best I've seen her in three years," a well-placed source in Britney's camp told the Daily News. "She has her kids back now and she's working on a new album. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the year." Britney, 26, isn't stopping with music. She's reading TV treatments and looking to executive produce a show in the same vein as Ashton Kutcher or Randy Jackson, the source said. "It has to be organic to her, maybe something related to music or fashion," the source said. As for acting, she's shopping for a supporting role in a romantic comedy to follow up her well-received cameo on CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," the source said. She also stepped in front of the camera last week when she taped a video short for the stage show of Madonna's upcoming "Sticky & Sweet" tour. "These are baby steps. She's taking every opportunity to see her kids, and the last thing she'll do is tour for three months or take the lead in a feature and be away from them again," the source said. "Maybe she'll go out on tour after the new year, but something short." Last month a judge reinstated Britney's overnight visits with Jayden James, 1, and Sean Preston, 2, after she patched things up with divorce lawyer Laura Wasser and made a "businesslike" court appearance opposite ex-husband Kevin Federline. "The overnight visits are great positive reinforcement for her. She almost has the equivalent of one-third custody back, and being able to care for them is enormously helpful to her progress," another Continue Reading

Label giving up on getting Britney Spears to promote album

Jive Records is throwing in the towel because Britney Spears can't "gimme more." The singer's label has officially given up on getting the troubled pop tart more involved in marketing her own album, "Blackout," sources tell us. There are no plans for a tour, for example - highly unusual for a star who once cranked out hits like widgets and is riding high on the charts with her single "Gimme More." "They can't get Britney to do anything!" said a source close to the label and Spears. "They did get her to do one photo-shoot for some promotional materials, but beyond that, they can't trust her to even show up. This album could've been so much bigger with Britney involved. "This is the one opportunity they have to try and sell a million records. They were forced to [go on with] their marketing plan" — without her. "They don't feel they need her if she's going to keep blowing them off. She's already on the cover of every gossip magazine, and she's on Perez Hilton nearly all day, every day for her antics. "Jive is just hoping to continue riding the Britney wave. The label can't afford to waste their money hoping to get some of her time to help promote this. She's too busy [hanging out] in a club somewhere." It must be frustrating for the label, since "Gimme More" skyrocketed to No. 1 on iTunes. Critics praised some of the cuts — though it might be that anyone, and not just Brit, could shoot to the top with music produced and mixed by the Neptunes, Bloodshy and Nate (Danja) Hills.A Jive spokeswoman told us: "We absolutely stand behind Britney." Still, it raises the question: Doesn't Spears want to make money anymore? With her worth estimated at $100 million this year, maybe not. She may not even care.In her recent child custody case, L.A. Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon called the 25-year-old singer a "habitual drug and alcohol user" and ordered her to undergo random drug-testing twice a week. Just yesterday, Gordon ruled that Britney's Continue Reading

Britney Spears turns herself in for Aug. 6 wreck

Britney Spears made time for a photo-op Monday night - albeit one with no red carpet - when she reported to a Los Angeles-area police station to be booked in connection with two minor fender-benders. Spears breezed in the front doors the station in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys around 9 p.m. Monday, after declining an offer to sneak in through the back. Clad in black and sporting oversize sunglasses that she said were hiding a case of pinkeye, Spears spent about 30 to 45 minutes being processed, including having photos and fingerprints taken. "She was fine, cooperative," said LAPD officer Mike Lopez. "She did her business and came out." For her part, Spears described the police as "really nice." Spears showed up at the station with a male companion, who whisked her away in a Mercedes after she'd finished her official business. Spears' appearance at the station was a prelude to an October 25 court date on charges she bumped up against another car while turning into a spot in a Studio City parking lot on August 6. Spears checked out the damage before heading into an adjacent builing. The cadre of paparazzi who seemingly track the fallen pop princess' every move caught the fender-bender on camera. Kim Robard-Rifkin, whose car Spears' scuffed, reported the incident several days later. The booking is the latest in a string of legal embroilments for Spears. On October 1, she had custody of her two young sons taken away after a judged expressed misgivings about her partying and general lack of parenting skills. Last week she appeared in court and was granted overnight visits with the children with the presence of a monitor. Kevin Federline, Spears' former backup dancer and ex-husband, is the children's main guardian. Since filing for divorce from Federline in November 2006, Spears has passed out at a Las Vegas nightclub on New Year's Eve, been photographed cavorting on the party scene with no panties on, shaved her head, and Continue Reading

Britney Spears says it’s a ‘cruel world’

A court expert said she’s a bad mom, but Britney Spears is trying not to let the bad stuff get her down. "People say what they want and do what they do,” the singer said Wednesday, waxing philosophic on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM morning radio show. “It’s sad how people, how cruel our world can be,” she said. “But at the end of the day you gotta to know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can." Brit, backed by pals Alli Sims and Sam Lufti, spoke a day after a judge refused her request for shared custody of sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. The boys will remain with their dad, Kevin Federline. In his ruling, Judge Scott Gordon cited a report by parenting coach Lisa Hacker, who noted that the pop tart “rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play.” Perhaps it hasn’t sunk in yet. When Seacrest asked Spears how often she gets to see her kids, she answered, “That’s all in the courts. My lawyers know all that stuff.” For the record, Brit gets two visits and one overnight with the boys each week, and a monitor must be present. Seacrest asked helpfully if Spears is doing her best with her children. “Oh God, yeah, yeah,” she answered. The singer was on the air to promote her new album, “Blackout,”  which hit stores Tuesday. Asked which track was most meaningful to her, Spears said, “I really like ‘Heaven on Earth.’ It think it’s a cool track.”  She said she did nothing special to celebrate the album’s release. The big day “was kind of laid-back, really,” she said, adding, “We watched movies” (she couldn’t remember which movies) and “we had fried chicken.” Seacrest decided to move from career and children to Spears’ personal life, but that line of questioning didn’t get too far. Asked if she was romantically Continue Reading

Dueling Divas: Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears

From stints in and out of rehab to family feuds, Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears can't stop making headlines for all the wrong reasons this summer. These two sultry songbirds act as if they're in a race to the bottom. So which former national treasure is sullying herself, and national pride, to a greater degree: Winehouse for Team U.K. or Spears for the good ol' U.S.A.? Winehouse SPOUSAL ABUSE: Emerged from a bloody scrape with her husband in a London hotel last week, allegedly over her use of drugs. PARENTAL ISSUES: Father-in-law wants you to boycott her albums. WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS: Preferred ensemble consists of wifebeater tank top, short shorts and ballet slippers. LIFE IMITATES SONG: "Rehab," "You Know I'm No Good" REHAB IS HOW LONG?: Hospitalized earlier this month in London for "severe exhaustion," checked into "retreat" facility for a couple of days, instead chose to go on holiday with her hubby to St. Lucia. CAREER STALLING: Canceled this Sunday's gig at MTV Video Music Awards as well as fall U.S. tour. European tour in doubt. At July concert in the U.K., she hit herself in the head with microphone and reportedly spit on fans. HAIR-RAISING IDEAS: Beehive, behave! NUTRITIONAL NUTTINESS: Does she eat? Spears SPOUSAL ABUSE: Introduced world to Kevin Federline; currently engaged in bitter custody battle with him over their two kids.PARENTAL ISSUES: On the outs with her mother for taking Ex-Fed's side; also being investigated for possible child abuse.WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS: Tends toward unfortunate headgear and Ugg boots; tends to forget putting on pants and/or panties and/or clothes, for that matter.LIFE IMITATES SONG:  "Oops ... I Did It Again," "Toxic"REHAB IS HOW LONG?: Checked in and out of rehab multiple times this year. Life appears to be one big holiday for the former teen dream.CAREER STALLING: Rumored new material in the works, but brief comeback tour in May limited only to Continue Reading

Britney Spears’ TV lip-sync a flop, but new single a big hit

Britney Spears' live VMAs performance was an embarrassing flop, but her new single "Gimme More" could still wind up on top. A thumping dance track full of suggestive come-ons delivered by Spears in a breathy voice, the single landed on the Hot 100 Billboard chart in 85th place. Industry experts expect it to climb fast when the digital version comes out Oct. 2. "I guarantee you, when the song comes out on iTunes, it will probably make it into the top 20," said Billboard's Silvio Pietroluongo. "It's also getting more and more radio play. "All of her other songs have debuted in the lower half of the chart. Without a digital single, you can't debut much higher than she did." The song's momentum does not appear to have been stalled by Spears' putrid performance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, where she lumbered across the stage in an ill-fitting black bikini and lazily lip-synced "Gimme More." Acerbic Simon Cowell of "American Idol" told a British newspaper Spears was so bad that if she had been auditioning for one of his shows he "wouldn't have put her through to the next round." "I'd have taken one look at her in rehearsals, and I wouldn't have allowed her onstage," Cowell told The Sun, adding that "she could have killed her career." In an interview with the "Extra" television show, Cowell conceded that by failing so spectacularly Spears got "more attention in the last 48 hours than any artist on the planet. ... She stole the show, whether you liked it or not." Spears, who became a powerhouse pop princess on the strength of hits like "Baby One More Time" and "Oops! ... I Did It Again," has not discussed her widely panned VMAs performance. More than 7 million people watched Spears stumble about onstage during Sunday's two-hour broadcast, held in Las Vegas for the first time in the show's 24-year history. There have been reports that Spears showed up for rehearsals four hours late, holding a frozen margarita. She also apparently refused to Continue Reading

Catholics slam Britney Spears pix as ‘bottom of barrel’ stunt

LOS ANGELES - Kinky photos of a half-naked Britney Spears perched on a priest's lap and leaning seductively against a church confessional sparked outrage among Catholic leaders.At least one said the saucy snapshots, which grace the singer's thumping new dance album, "Blackout," are a "bottom of the barrel" stunt from a girl who really could use some quality time spent repenting sins in a wooden cubicle. "This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing," said Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League. "She's not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she's not responsible enough. Now we see she can't even entertain." A call to Spears' label, Jive Records, was not returned. Her new album, which hits store shelves today, comes amid the "Gimme More" singer's custody battle with ex-hubby Kevin Federline. The judge who stripped Spears of all but monitored visitation with her two young sons after dubbing her a "habitual" user of drugs and alcohol is expected to issue new custody orders this week. Judge Scott Gordon chastised Spears on Friday for courting paparazzi attention with her nonessential daily trips to lens-friendly places like Starbucks. "It does not seem [Spears] has been taking many steps to not keep herself in the public eye at all times," the judge said Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Britney Spears unseen photo shoot surfaces from 1995

It's Britney — 20 years ago! A photo shoot from 1995 featuring the future pop star Britney Spears has surfaced. Spears, now 33, is 13 years old in the fun series of black-and-white images taken by photographer David Baren in Philadelphia.  The wide-eyed budding starlet was full of smiles, funny faces and animated dance moves when she posed for the camera way back when. Spears was also snapped in some of the photos rocking a plaid school girl skirt with a tied-up top exposing her midriff. The getup gave a preview to the famous ensemble she wore in the music video for hit track "Baby One More Time" four years later. The blond beauty's career has come a very long way since the pictures were taken. Spears has since released seven studio albums and currently has a residency in Las Vegas. The "Womanizer" singer performs her show, "Piece of Me," at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and just inked a deal to entertain in Sin City through 2017. Continue Reading