MIRANDA for Governor? — NYPD’s bad marijuana math — BLOOMBERG new tobacco industry watchdog

By Jimmy Vielkind in Albany and Laura Nahmias in Manhattan, with Daniel Lippman It’s still not clear whether Cynthia Nixon, the actress who played Miranda on “Sex in the City,” will end up challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a Democratic primary this year. Nixon has been in touch with Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers — both of whom are close to Mayor Bill de Blasio — about a run that the her spokeswoman says she is still considering. It would be a tall order given Cuomo’s labor supporters and sizable war chest. And again, it might never happen.Story Continued Below But Nixon’s flirtation with the race is enough to illustrate something more problematic for Cuomo, particularly if he ends up running for president in 2020: his lingering problems on the left. As our Isaac Dovere and Jimmy write this morning, “The potential showdown captures the state of Democratic politics right now: A popular two-term big-state governor with a long record and a talent on the stump should make him a natural presidential front-runner. But instead, his Bill Clinton-style triangulation and personal spats have enraged an activist base that's becoming ever more energized and liberal, and ready to sign up for party infighting with their own celebrity from outside of politics to make a point.” In other 2018 news: Tuesday was a good night for U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand...in Texas. Gillibrand and her Off the Sidelines PAC endorsed or financially backed a slate of half a dozen female candidates in last night’s primary races in the Lone Star state, more candidates than she’s currently backing in New York. Two of the candidates she backed — Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia — are likely to become the first two Latina women elected to Congress from Texas, and every other candidate she backed is still in the race, at the very least. Under Texas law, candidates who didn’t win an outright majority of the vote have to Continue Reading