SEE IT: Ohio cop refuses to fire at double murder suspect who begs him to ‘shoot me’

An Ohio police officer refused to shoot a charging suspect even as he begged for the officer to take his life. The officer's decision not to fire at a man accused of double murder, who was pleading for him to follow through with his "suicide by cop" plans, was captured on his bodycam video. New Richmond Officer Jesse Kidder was called to follow a possibly armed suspect in an Ohio murder Thursday. Suddenly the suspect, identified by police as Michael Wilcox, got out of his car and started to charge at the cop. "Law enforcement officers all across the nation have to deal with split-second decisions that mean life or death," Kidder told TV station WLWT. "I wanted to be absolutely sure before I used deadly force." The body cam footage shows the terrifying scene as Kidder continues to order Wilcox, who later told authorities he was under the influence of multiple substances, to the ground but continues to walk straight at him. Kidder's gun is cocked, but instead of firing he decides to continue to back up on the empty road and wait for other officers to arrive. "Get your hands up right now," Kidder screams. "Stop. Stop, right there. I don't want to shoot you man. I don't want to shoot you." I wanted to be absolutely sure before I used deadly force. The bodycam shows the suspect continuing to approach the officer with his hand in his pocket. Kidder continues to back up and orders the suspect again to stop. Wilcox pleads for the officer to "shoot me" but Kidder refuses. "No man, I'm not going to do it," the cop said. Kidder told the station he was told the suspect might attempt suicide by cop and he kept his eyes on Wilcox's pocket. The suspect eventually charges but Kidder again refuses to pull the trigger. The officer stumbles and falls backward but when he gets up the suspect finally complies. "He got towards my face right as I lost balance," Kidder said. "I'm thinking, at this point, that if Continue Reading

Former Boy Scout leader of Ohio troop believes he lost membership for being openly gay

The Boy Scouts of America revoked the membership of an Ohio scout leader nearly a year after he identified himself as an openly gay Eagle Scout on television. “I had the option to lie about it,” Brian Peffly revealed to the Columbus Dispatch. “The first part of Scout law is that a Scout is trustworthy. I went with Scout law.” Peffly, the founder of a local Scouts for Equality chapter, served as a 35-year-old volunteer assistant scoutmaster to a Westerville troop. There has been progress to reverse discrimination against homosexuality within the highly conservative youth organization especially in New York where a defiant chapter hired Pascal Tessier, an openly gay 18-year-old Eagle Scout. But in Ohio, where the Simon Kenton Council adopted a diversity clause in Sept. 2014 defending the membership of youth or adult leaders regardless of sexual orientation, Peffly still lost his position. “What happened to Brian is still part of a national pattern of discrimination,” Zach Wahls, Scouts for Equality’s executive director, told the Plain-Dealer. The Supreme Court has upheld the Boy Scouts of America’s right to ban gay troop leaders. Even in Utah, a clause within the state’s new non-discrimination law allows the Boy Scouts of America to enforce its anti-gay hiring practices. Peffly spoke out against the disbandment of a Seattle troop on behalf of Equality for Scouts . He supported the Seattle troop for refusing to oust a gay leader, he said during an April 2014 interview with WBNS-TV. In the time between that interview and a fateful voicemail left by the Boy Scout’s national office in March, Peffly received a card in the mail noting his official membership. “They didn’t care about my orientation,” Peffly thought for a time. After all, “Why does that need to come up if you’re teaching fire-building or first aid or whatever,” Pleffy asked the Continue Reading

Brooklyn woman who accused Four Seasons boss of groping her is riding out legal storm in Ohio

The father of the Brooklyn woman who stunned Manhattan high society by accusing Four Seasons honcho Julian Niccolini of groping her said Friday she is riding out the storm with her family in Ohio. “Everything is good,” her dad told the Daily News before quickly drawing a protective veil around his 28-year-old daughter. “We have no interest in talking,” he said. “This is her request.” To protect the accuser’s identity, The News is not revealing her 68-year-old father’s name. The Dayton resident has been described by police as a former “business associate” of Niccolini’s. His daughter told police she has known Niccolini since she was 7. Meanwhile, police sources revealed that Niccolini was arrested after he implicated himself in a telephone conversation with his accuser that was set up by cops. “Based on the controlled conversation there was enough evidence to charge him with sexual abuse,” one of the sources told The News. A second source said Niccolini noted they both had been drinking on May 9 when the alleged assault occurred in the bar area of the celebrity-magnet eatery on E. 52nd St. Niccolini said “in effect, let it go and not to make an issue of this,” that source told The News. The silvery-haired restaurateur, a 62-year-old married father of two, also vowed to never do something like this again, the second source said. The revelation came two days after Niccolini was charged with sexual abuse by forcible compulsion — an accusation he denies. Meanwhile, The News has learned a former assistant manager named Anna Dunbar claimed Niccolini fired her for pumping breast milk while on the job. In court papers, Dunbar said she asked Niccolini’s business partner Alex von Bidder for permission to pump three or four times a day when she returned from maternity leave. “Defendant Four Continue Reading

Former kindergarten teacher in Ohio arrested for secretly recording kids in school bathroom: prosecutors

A 32-year-old former kindergarten teacher has been arrested for videotaping his students with a spy camera in the Ohio school's bathroom, authorities said. Police discovered dozens of videos on the computer of Elliot Gornall while investigating him in an unrelated drug case, prosecutors said Saturday. Twenty-five kindergarten kids were captured by the tiny camera Gornall hid in the elementary school's bathroom, said Ashland County Prosecutor Chris Tunnell. "The thought that a previously trusted kindergarten teacher would take advantage of young children in this way is horrifying," he said in a statement. Gornall faces 25 felony counts involving illegal use of a minor in nudity-related material. He had taught in the central Ohio district for four years and had passed background checks, authorities said. "He was well-liked by students and staff and parents. The betrayal is huge," said R. F. McMullen Elementary School Principal Annette Gorrell. Gornall had resigned in December after felony drug charges involving pot and prescription pills were filed against him. He also was charged with receiving stolen property — a pair of children's underwear, authorities said. The videos found on his computer had not been uploaded to the Internet, prosecutors said. There were no images of Gornall interacting with the children in the bathroom. He is being held at the Ashland County Jail. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday. With News Wire Services Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton spotted at Chipotle in Ohio ‘trying to be incognito’ as presidential candidate makes her way to Iowa

She ordered the burrito — incognito. Hillary Clinton made a Chipotle pit stop in Maumee, Ohio, on her everywoman road trip from New York to Iowa on Monday — and the staff and nearly all the customers failed to recognize one of the most famous women in the world. Security video showed Clinton, 67, and longtime aide Huma Abedin sporting shades as they stood at the counter and put in their orders. General manager Charles Wright told the Daily News that Clinton was in his restaurant at about 1:20 p.m., ordering a chicken burrito bowl with guacamole, a chicken salad, and a blackberry Izze soft drink. Wright said Clinton stayed about 25 minutes and did nothing to attract attention to herself — and it worked. “She wasn’t, like, obvious and no one made a scene,” Wright said. “She just came through like a regular customer — and we treated her just like a regular customer.” The two women “were trying to be incognito and all that good stuff,” he said. “Usually with a lady of that stature, you would think she would have security around her,” Wright said, but “it was just her and the other lady.” The women bussed their own trays, a campaign aide said. LUPICA: HILLARY CLINTON NEEDS MORE THAN STAR POWER TO WIN IN 2016 Only one customer seemed to recognize he was in the presence of a newly minted presidential hopeful and snapped some pictures, Wright said. “He was the only one who really seemed to notice her,” he said. Clinton, who left her Chappaqua, Westchester County, home midafternoon Sunday around the time her presidential announcement was released on social media, is traveling to Iowa in a black GMC van that she normally uses and has dubbed “Scooby” — a reference to the Mystery Machine in “Scooby-Doo.” Her travel companions include Abedin and Continue Reading

Ohio town fears a serial killer is on the loose after 4 women found dead, 2 still missing

Residents of an Ohio town are living on edge amid fears a serial killer could be on the loose after the disappearance and deaths of multiple women. Over the last 13 months, five women have gone missing in the town of Chillicothe, about 50 miles south of Columbus, with just three of their bodies found as of Wednesday. That's not including a 38-year-old mother of four who was found shot to death late last month, leading to a suspect being taken into custody on unrelated charges, police said. All of the women share similar backgrounds which include drug abuse and prostitution, police and family say, while almost all of the bodies found were also in or near bodies of water. "I don't want to come out and say 'yes, we have a serial killer,' but it's a small community that we live in ... and the number of females who have come up missing, and then the bodies that we've found, that's quite a bit for our community," Staff Lt. Mike Preston of the Ross County Sheriff's Department told The Washington Post. The chilling mystery began in May of 2014 when Charlotte Trego, a 27-year-old mother of two and heroin addict, was reported missing by her mother, police said. From left: Tameka Lynch, 30, was discovered dead of an overdose on a creek sandbar in May 2014. Shasta Himelrick, 20, was found dead in the Scioto River several weeks after reported missing. As of Wednesday a $1,000 reward remains offered for her return. Just five days later, the body of missing 30-year-old mother of three, Tameka Lynch, was discovered on a Paint Creek sandbar by a kayaker, police said. An autopsy found that she overdosed on cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol, according to local reports. Like local officials, her mother says her death is suspicious. "She was already dead when she was put in the water," Angela Robinson told the Huffington Post. There was a six-month break before 37-year-old Wanda Lemons, a mother of five, Continue Reading

Ohio man narrowly avoids death after following GPS onto railroad tracks

An Ohio man was just seconds from death after he followed his GPS directions onto railroad tracks and his car was smashed into by an oncoming train. The 24-year-old incredibly managed to flee his trapped vehicle just before the speeding locomotive struck in Cuyahoga Falls at 11:30 p.m. Saturday, reports the Akron Beacon Journal. FOLLOW THE DAILY NEWS ON FACEBOOK. CLICK HERE TO "LIKE." He told cops he ended up on the tracks after his navigation system instructed him to turn left. But instead of joining the entrance ramp to Route 8 North, he accidentally ended up going onto the train line. The man, who has not been named, was cited for failure to control a vehicle by Falls Police. The train engineer was not injured in the collision. Locals said that confusing line markers could also have been to blame for the incident. "There have been a lot of accidents there," Phil Ledgerwood, who works near the scene of the smash, told Fox 8 Cleveland. "I know recently they put in those white lines to keep people from turning too soon onto the entrance ramp to Route 8 North," he added. "Watch where you are going people, always know that any mistakes can happen," added James Cosper. Emergency crews removed the car, and the CSX train is back in service. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Ohio State’s women’s hockey coach Nate Handrahan out after sexual harassment alleged

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The head coach of the Ohio State University women’s hockey team sexually harassed players with repeated inappropriate comments, according to an investigation that ended with the coach resigning under threat of firing. Ex-coach Nate Handrahan also violated university policy against whistleblower retaliation by intimidating and chastising team members after complaints were raised, according to the report. The investigation into Handrahan began in November after an anonymous complaint from someone identified as a “faculty member or instructor” passed on allegations of sexual harassment. The same complaint “also alleged that the student-athletes do not come forward with their concerns about the behaviors Mr. Handrahan allegedly exhibits during team practices and meetings because they fear retaliation,” the report said. Handrahan, 37, resigned Monday, the same day the university informed him he would be fired the next day, according to his personnel file. A performance review in May found that Handrahan “meets expectations.” He scored above average in “academic success” and “student-athlete welfare,” with room to improve in communication and budget management, according to his personnel file. He made $106,334, following a raise authorized by athletic director Gene Smith in August. The university said in a statement without addressing the report that it was launching an immediate search for a new coach. Handrahan did not immediately return a message seeking comment. Handrahan told investigators his comments were taken out of context but he could not explain to them how or why, according to the report. Handrahan frequently made sexual comments or innuendos about the female players and their boyfriends, according to interviews with 11 players, the report said. “The witnesses explained Mr. Handrahan is overly curious about their personal lives Continue Reading

Tuxedo-clad Ohio cop arrested for beating man after black-tie police fundraiser: authorities

A drunken, tuxedo-clad rookie Ohio cop faces charges for viciously beating a man outside a Cleveland police fundraiser, according to authorities. Akron Patrolman Adam Campbell, 28, is on unpaid leave and could be fired for the brutal March 29 beatdown that left 31-year-old Steven Crupp hospitalized with serious injuries, according to the department. The cop is still a probationary officer and was only hired on Nov. 3, an Akron police spokesman told the Northeast Ohio Media Group. Campbell was off-duty and in Cleveland for a “Salute to Our Heroes” charity gala at the Wyndham Hotel at Playhouse Square late last month when he crossed paths with Crupp. Crupp showed up at the hotel bar to meet two female friends after attending the Kentucky-Notre Dame basketball game at Cleveland’s downtown basketball arena, he told the the newspaper. Campbell, in the bar after attending the $75 a plate event, which began with cocktails at 6 p.m., tried to “sweet talk” one of Crupp’s female friends, the beating victim told the media group. At the time, Crupp did not know who Campbell was, or that he was an off-duty cop. The other woman made a joke at the man’s expense and they all three laughed. Campbell later left but not before shooting the trio a dirty look. As Crupp escorted the women out just after midnight, he felt Campbell, joined by two friends, watching him as he helped the women into their cars at a valet stand. "I started walking west on Euclid, and I could feel him coming up on me," Crupp told the news outlet. "I turned around, and he swung at me." Crupp stood no chance as the other two men held him down so Campbell could land heavy kicks and punches. No one stopped the fight, but a valet attendant was able to see the trio of attackers jump into a cab and speed off. Crupp was eventually hospitalized with six broken ribs, a cracked pelvic bone and a bloodied face, his Continue Reading

Ohio cheetah mom charged for dropping son, 2, into zoo exhibit

The Ohio cheetah mom has been charged with child endangerment. Michelle Schwab was issued a summons after she allegedly dropped her 2-year-old son into the big cats’ exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, breaking the boy’s leg, court records show. Schwab, a 37-year-old child-care worker, reportedly dangled the little boy over the edge of the railing on Saturday before he slipped from her hands and landed in the cheetah’s den. Schwab and the boy’s father scrambled in after him and rescued him before any of the predators, known as the fastest land mammals, headed in their direction, zoo officials said. The careless mother is on leave from her job as the assistant director of a Kindercare center in Columbus, a corporate spokesman confirmed. “She is currently home with her family, and will remain out of our center while this issue is investigated and addressed,” spokeswoman Colleen Moran said in a statement released to the Daily News. Kindercare will conduct its own investigation, looking into their staff’s dealings with kids in and out of the company's child-care facilities, the spokesman said. Schwab, who lives in the small town of Delaware, was scheduled to be arraigned on April 22. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading