Lancaster Watchdog: Confusing street lines on Queen Street in Lancaster city; bush obstruction in West Hempfield

This week, Lancaster Watchdog offers hope for some confusing lane lines on Queen Street in Lancaster and takes a look at a bush that makes it hard to see at a West Hempfield Township intersection.kAmp?5[ H:E9 E96 DAC:?8 E92H 4C62E:?8 >2:?E6?2?46 :DDF6D @? [email protected][ E96C6’D :[email protected]>2E:@? [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@=6D]k^Amk9bm(96C6 [email protected] [email protected] @? "F66? $EC66Ek^9bmkAm$6G6C2= C6256CD [email protected]?E24E65 ([email protected] C646?E=J [email protected] [email protected]>6 [email protected]?7FD:?8 =2?6 D9:7ED :? E96 7:CDE [email protected]< @7 }@CE9 "F66? $EC66E]k^AmkAmyFDE [email protected] @7 !6?? $BF2C6[ E96 [email protected] 92D [email protected] =2?6D H:E9 A2C<:?8 @? 6:E96C D:56 @7 E96 DEC66E]k^AmkAmqFE ;FDE 27E6C 2 >:[email protected]< [email protected]=<[ E96 A2C<:?8 5:D2AA62CD 2?5 E96C6 2C6 E9C66 EC2G6= =2?6D[ H:E9 E96 =67E>@DE =2?6 [email protected] EFC?D @[email protected] (6DE ~C2?86 $EC66E]k^AmkAm%96 [email protected]=6> :D E92E E96 EC2?D:E:@? :D 23CFAE 2?5 E96 =2?6 =:?6D [email protected]?’E 24EF2==J 8F:56 G69:4=6D [email protected] E96 [email protected] =2?6[ 4C62E:?8 [email protected]?7=:4ED 2D >@[email protected]:DED [email protected] :E @FE E96>D6=G6D]k^AmkAm“x7 [email protected] 5C:G6 2 $%#pxvw% =:?6 :? [email protected] =:?6 FA }@CE9 "F66? $EC66E[ [email protected] H:== 7:?5 [email protected]=7 6G6?EF2==J DEC255=:?8 [email protected] =2?6D[ 5C:G:?8 C:89E @G6C [email protected] 2 H9:E6 =:?6 ]]] H:E9 [email protected] H2C?:?8^ [email protected]:46[” @?6 >@[email protected]:DED [email protected]]k^AmkAm%9:D 92D 366? 2 [email protected]?8\DE2?5:?8 [email protected]=6> @? E9:D [email protected]< @7 }@CE9 "F66? $EC66E[ H:E9 2 [email protected]@8=6 |2AD :>286 [email protected]> [email protected] a_`d [email protected]:?8 E96 =2?6 =:?6D :? E96 4FCC6?E[ [email protected]?7FD:?8 [email protected]?7:8FC2E:@?]k^AmkAmqFE 96=A :D @? E96 H2J]k^[email protected] z2EK6?>@J6C[ 4:EJ AF3=:4 [email protected]<D 5:[email protected][ D2:5 E96 [email protected][email protected] E92E A2:?E65 3:<6 =2?6D [email protected]?5 E96 4:EJ =2DE 72== H2D [email protected]:?8 [email protected] C6A2:?E E96 "F66? $EC66E =:?6D E96?[ 3FE ;FDE C2? @FE @7 [email protected]@5 H62E96C]k^AmkAm$96 D2:5 D9:7E:?8 2?5 4=2C:7J:?8 E96 =:?6D H:== 36 E96 7:CDE E9:?8 E96 [email protected][email protected] [email protected] H96? :E 86ED 324< :? [email protected]?]k^AmkAmp?5 H9:=6 D96 H2D?’E DFC6 @7 E96 [email protected][email protected]’D D4965F=6[ z2EK6?>@J6C D2:5 D96 6IA64ED E96 =:?6D [email protected] 36 C6A2:?E65 3J |2J `]k^Amk9C ^mk9bmw2C5 [email protected] D66 :? (6DE w6>A7:6=5k^9bmkAmp C6256C [email protected] 5C:G6D :? (6DE w6>A7:6=5 Continue Reading

Nationwide nurse shortage prompts signing bonuses, loan forgiveness, referral incentives

This is a good time to be a nurse looking for a [email protected]>6 {2?42DE6C [email protected]?EJ [email protected]:E2=D 2C6 @776C:?8 D:8?:?8 [email protected]?FD6D @7 FA [email protected] S`_[___ 2D E96J D66< [email protected] 7:== [email protected]:E:@?D :? H92E :D 2 E:89E >2C<6E ?2E:@?H:56]k^AmkAm{2?42DE6C [email protected]?EJ [email protected]:E2=D D2J E96 [email protected] 92D?’E 27764E65 A2E:6?E 42C6[ 3FE E96J’C6 >2<:?8 2 8C62E6C [email protected] [email protected] 2EEC24E ?FCD6D E92? :? E:>6D A2DE]k^AmkAm%96 [email protected] :D?’E F?AC64656?E65i x? a__`[ 56>2?5 H2D [email protected] 9:89 E92E {2?42DE6C v6?6C2= [email protected]:E2= C64CF:E65 eh ?FCD6D [email protected]> E96 !9:=:AA:?6D]k^Am Local News More nurses is better, but Pennsylvania has fewer kAmqFE :E :D 2 3:8 492?86 [email protected]> E96 vC62E #646DD:@? DE2CE:?8 :? =2E6 a__f[ H96? [email protected]:E2=D 925 >2?J 2AA=:42?ED 2?5 76H ;@3D]k^AmkAmq24< E96?[ ?FCD:?8 =6256CD D2:5 E96 [email protected][email protected]>J H2D 42FD:?8 [email protected]=6 [email protected] 56=2J 6=64E:G6 >65:42= [email protected][ 2?5 [email protected]>AE:?8 ?FCD6D [email protected] AFE @77 C6E:C6>6?E @C D66< >@C6 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@DE E96:C :[email protected]>6]k^AmkAm}@H E96J’C6 2EEC:3FE:?8 E96 [email protected] [email protected] E96 [email protected]@5 [email protected][email protected]>J 2?5 E96 >2DD:G6 H2G6 @7 q23J [email protected]@>6CD[ D2J:?8 2 [email protected] @7 @=56C ?FCD6D 2C6 C6E:C:?8 2E E96 D2>6 E:>6 2D E96:C 86?6C2E:@? 286D 2?5 C6BF:C6D >@C6 >65:42= 42C6]k^AmkAmzC:D ~’$962[ [email protected] :D 49:67 ?FCD:?8 6I64FE:G6 2?5 2 G:46 AC6D:56?E 2E (6==$A2?[ D2:5 E92E :? ?62C=J [email protected] 564256D @7 36:?8 2 ?FCD6 D96 92D D66? “2 4J4=:4 [email protected][email protected][email protected]>J” A2EE6C?[ 2?5 E9:D =2E6DE DH:?8 H2D [email protected][email protected]?465]k^AmkAmsFC:?8 E96 #646DD:@?[ D96 D2:5[ E96C6 H6C6 ?FCD6D [email protected] [email protected]> (6==$A2? 925 [email protected][email protected] 65F42E:@? 3FE E96? [email protected]=5?’E [email protected]:56 H:E9 ;@3D]k^AmkAm“xE H2D 2=>@DE 6>32CC2DD:?8 [email protected] E2=< [email protected] ?FCD:?8 DEF56?ED 3642FD6 E96J [email protected]=5 36 3688:?8 >6 [email protected] ;@3D[” D96 D2:5 @7 E92E E:>6]k^AmkAmqJ [email protected]?EC2DE[ D96 6DE:>2E65 E92E (6==$A2? 92D 9:C65 >@C6 E92? a__ ?FCD6D [email protected] :ED 962=E9 DJDE6> :? E96 A2DE J62C]k^AmkAm$6G6C2= [email protected]?8 ?FCD6D {}! E2=<65 [email protected] [email protected]?7:C>65 E92E E96J 2?5 E96:C 4=2DD>2E6D 92G6 [email protected] @7 @AE:@?D @? E96 Continue Reading

Dairy crisis prompts groups in Lancaster County, state to help families with mental stress

When a New England dairy cooperative recently sent out suicide prevention letters along with milk checks because three farmers had killed themselves in the last three years, some dairy farmers in Lancaster County felt the message was too blunt.kAmqFE 52:CJ [email protected] :? E96 [email protected]?EJ 2?5 DE2E6H:56 2C6 2=C625J [email protected][email protected]:?8 DF:E [email protected] 255C6DD DEC6DD 2>@?8 72C> 72>:=:6D[ [email protected] :? 2 D=:89E=J =6DD :?\[email protected]\7246 H2J]k^AmkAm“x E9:?< E96C6’D 2 =:EE=6 766=:?8 @7 56DA6C2E:@? @FE E96C6 — H92E [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]” D2JD {:D2 vC2J362=[ [email protected] 96=AD CF? 96C 72>:=J’D =2C86D42=6 52:CJ @A6C2E:@? :? [email protected]? %@H?D9:A]k^AmkAm“u2C>6CD E6?5 [email protected] [email protected]=5 @FE 2?5 D2J :E’D [email protected]:?8 [email protected] 86E 36EE6C[ 3FE H6’G6 366? D2J:?8 E92E [email protected] J62CD 2?5 :E’D [email protected] 92AA6?:?8]”k^AmkAm$AFCC65 3J E96 56AE9 @7 E96 4FCC6?E 52:CJ 4C:D:D[ E96 {2?42DE6C [email protected]?EJ p8C:4F=EFC6 [email protected]?4:= E92E vC2J362= 492:CD :D H6:89:?8 AF3=:42E:@? @7 2 A2>A9=6E [email protected] [email protected]= 52:CJ 72C>6CD 2?5 72>:=:6D =:DE:?8 [email protected]= [email protected][email protected] 2?5 49FC49 =6256CD E96J 42? [email protected]?E24E [email protected] DEC6DD >2?286>6?E 2?5 7:?2?4:2= [email protected]?D6=:?8]k^AmkAm%96 A2>A9=6ED [email protected]=5 36 5:DEC:3FE65 [email protected] [email protected]= 7665 [email protected]>A2?:6D[ >:=< 92F=6CD[ 6BF:A>6?E 562=6CD 2?5 @E96CD C68F=2C=J :? [email protected]?E24E H:E9 52:CJ 72C>6CD 2?5 [email protected]> 72C>6CD ECFDE]k^AmkAmvC2J362= D2:5 uC:52J E92E E96 [email protected]?4:= H:== >66E H:E9 C6AC6D6?E2E:G6D @7 @E96C [email protected]= 28 [email protected] E9:D H66< [email protected] [email protected]@C5:?2E6 2 F?:7:65 A=2? 2?5 [email protected]:5 5FA=:42E:@?]k^AmkAm“[email protected] H2?ED [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]>6E9:?8 3FE H6 [email protected]?’E ?665 `_ A2>A9=6ED D2J:?8 E96 D2>6 E9:?8[” D96 D2:5]k^Amk9bms66A6?:?8 52:CJ 4C:D:Dk^9bmkAms2:CJ 72C>6CD [email protected] E96 [email protected]?EJ 2?5 !6??DJ=G2?:2 92G6 366? 36=E\E:89E6?:?8 5FC:?8 [email protected] F?C6=6?E:?8 J62CD @7 [email protected] >:=< AC:46D] qFE 4FEE:?8 6IA6?D6D 92D [email protected] 366? [email protected]]k^Am 'Lancaster County is not going to be the same': Large numbers of dairy farmers may sell cows within next 6 months The long, proud tradition of Lancaster County as the Continue Reading

Here are the sites engineers evaluated for Lancaster water system’s controversial tower

Lancaster city officials have consistently said they looked at all the options before deciding on the Lancaster Township site where they propose building a 3 million gallon water tower. [email protected]? D:E6D H6C6 [email protected]?D:56C65[ [email protected]:?8 [email protected] [email protected] z2EK6?>@J6C[ 4:EJ 5:[email protected] @7 AF3=:4 [email protected]<D] %96 AC676CC65 D:E6 :D E96 36DE [email protected]> [email protected] 2 [email protected] 2?5 7F?4E:@?2=:EJ [email protected]:?E[ D96 D2:5]k^[email protected]?6?ED @7 E96 [email protected]@D65 [email protected][ H9:49 [email protected]=5 DE2?5 ``b 766E E2== :7 3F:=E 2E E92E [email protected]:@?[ 2C6 72C [email protected]> [email protected]?G:?465]k^AmkAm“%96J’C6 E2:[email protected]:?8 E96:C :[email protected]>2E:@?” [email protected] E96 @[email protected]>6 E96J H2?E[ D2:5 z2E6 {FEK[ [email protected]\[email protected]?56C @7 uC:6?5D @7 {2?42DE6C %@H?D9:A !2C<]k^AmkAm$96 2?5 @E96C @[email protected]?6?ED D2J :E’D F?72:C [email protected] D255=6 E96 w2>:[email protected]? !2C< ?6:[email protected]@@5 H:E9 2? F?D:89E=J DECF4EFC6 E92E H:== >2:?=J 36?67:E [email protected]>>F?:E:6D 6=D6H96C6]k^AmkAm|F49 @7 E96 [email protected]’D 42A24:EJ :D ?66565 [email protected] D6CG6 4FCC6?E 2?5 7FEFC6 [email protected]>6?E :? 2C62D [email protected] @7 {2?42DE6C 4:EJ 2?5 {2?42DE6C %@H?D9:A]k^[email protected] :E’D [email protected] >F?:4:A2=:E:6D 2?5 [email protected] E92E [email protected]=5 36 7:8FC:?8 @FE [email protected] [email protected] DFAA=J E96 ?66565 H2E6C[ {FEK D2:5]k^AmkAm“x’> DFC6 [email protected] [email protected]=5 7:?5 H2JD[” D96 D2:5] “%96J 92G6 [email protected] 36 H:==:?8[ :7 E96J H2?E [email protected] 3F:=5[ [email protected] E2<6 [email protected]>6 [email protected]?D:3:=:EJ @?]”k^[email protected]?8m`c D:E6Dk^[email protected]?8mk^AmkAm%96 4:EJ 92D @FE=:?65 E96 42D6 [email protected] :ED [email protected]? D:E6 — 2?5 282:?DE E96 2=E6C?2E:G6D — :? [email protected]>6?ED FD65 :? AC6D6?E2E:@?D 2?5 [email protected]:565 [email protected] {}!]k^AmkAmxE D2JD E96 AC676CC65 [email protected]:@? — 36EH66? {2?42DE6C [email protected]>>F?:EJ !2C< 2?5 (962E=2?5 |:55=6 [email protected]@= — :D 9:89 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]:56 DFDE2:?65 H2E6C AC6DDFC6 2?5 :D E96 [email protected] [email protected] E96 4:EJ’D EC2?D>:DD:@? >2:?[ [email protected]:?8 E96 C:D< @7 =62<D 2?5 C65F4:?8 >2:?E6?2?46 [email protected]]k^AmkAm~7 E96 `b @E96C D:E6D E92E H6C6 F?56C [email protected]?D:56C2E:@?[ [email protected] :? {2?42DE6C %@H?D9:A H6C6 [email protected] 2E E96 [email protected]?D9:A’D C6BF6DEj :E H2?ED [email protected] AC6D6CG6 E96> 2D @A6? Continue Reading

Peter Thiel: If Trump Runs in 2020, He Will Get Re-Elected

Share Peter Thiel: If Trump Runs in 2020, He Will Get Re-Elected During an event hosted by the Economic Club of New York on Thursday, venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel was asked by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo if he thinks President Donald Trump will get a second term in office. Share Continue Reading

Teacher Put on Paid Leave for Questioning Student Walkout: School ‘Basically Targeted Me’

Share Viral Teacher Put on Paid Leave for Questioning Student Walkout: School 'Basically Targeted Me' A history teacher in Sacramento, California said Friday she was "targeted" after being put on paid leave for asking her students if the same right to protest gun violence would be given to an issue like abortion. Share Continue Reading

Waste authority exec Bob Zorbaugh named to replace Jim Warner as CEO

The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority is staying in-house for a new leader for its $85-million operation to manage waste for 810,000 residents in Lancaster and Dauphin [email protected] [email protected][ [email protected] DE2CE65 [email protected]< [email protected] E96 [email protected]:EJ 2D 2 [email protected]?DECF4E:@? :[email protected] 2E E96 uC6J u2C> {2?57:== ag J62CD [email protected] E96? [email protected] [email protected] E96 C2?<D [email protected] [email protected]>6 49:67 @A6C2E:?8 @77:46C[ 92D 366? ?2>65 E96 [email protected]:EJ’D ?6IE 49:67 6I64FE:G6 @77:46C]k^[email protected][ df[ @7 {2?42DE6C[ H:== [email protected]< H:E9 @[email protected]:?8 rt~ y:> (2C?6C E96 C6>2:?56C @7 E96 J62C 2D A2CE @7 E96 EC2?D:E:@? 2?5 E2<6 @G6C E96 `__\6>[email protected] [email protected]:EJ @? y2?] `[ a_`h] w:D D2=2CJ H:== 36 S`dd[___]k^Am Local News Jim Warner, who transformed waste authority into national model, built community projects, to retire kAm“%96 [email protected] 92D 8C62E [email protected]?7:56?46 :? [email protected]’D 5:G6CD6 =6256CD9:A 6IA6C:6?46 2?5 F?:BF6 23:=:E:6D[” D2:5 [email protected]:EJ [email protected] 492:C>2? $E6G6 sKFC:<] “w6 3C:?8D 2 [email protected]?D:56C23=6 <[email protected]=6586 32D6[ 566A :?5FDECJ C6DA64E 2?5 8C62E 6?6C8J [email protected] E9:D [email protected]=6] (6 36=:6G6 [email protected] :D H6==\[email protected]:E:@?65 [email protected] =625 {r$(|p [email protected] [email protected]?E:?F6 :ED [email protected]?8 9:[email protected] @7 6I46==6?46 2?5 D6CG:46 [email protected] @FC [email protected]>>F?:EJ]”k^Amk9bmp49:6G6>6?EDk^9bmkAmpD 49:67 @A6C2E:?8 @77:46C[ [email protected] 92D DFA6CG:D65 E96 [email protected]:EJ’D >2?J >2;@C [email protected];64ED @7 E96 =2DE E9C66 564256D[ :?4=F5:?8 H:?5 EFC3:?6D[ C64=2>2E:@? @7 E96 uC6J u2C> {2?57:==[ 3F:=5:?8 @7 2 ?6H EC2D9 EC2?D76C DE2E:@? 2?5 @G6C92F= @7 E96 H2DE6\[email protected]\6?6C8J :?4:[email protected] :? w2CC:D3FC8 27E6C E96 [email protected]:EJ 6IA2?565 :[email protected] 2 C68:@?2= [email protected]:EJ]k^[email protected] D2:5 96 92D E2<6? 8C62E A=62DFC6 :? AFEE:?8 :? A=246 [email protected]>>F?:EJ [email protected];64ED DF49 2D E96 }@CE9H6DE {2?42DE6C [email protected]?EJ #:G6C %C2:=[ E96 u2C>:?852=6 %C2:= 2?5 E96 r96DE?FE [email protected] }2EFC2= pC62]k^AmkAmw6 D2:5 9:D AC:@C:E:6D H:== 36 [email protected] [email protected]?E:?F6 E96 [email protected]:EJ’D [email protected]>>:E>6?E [email protected] 8:G:?8 324< [email protected] E96 [email protected]>>F?:E:6D E92E [email protected] H2DE6 724:=:E:6D[ [email protected] >2:?E2:? E96 Continue Reading

Sen. Graham: FBI, DOJ Were ‘Corrupt’ in Clinton Email Probe, ‘Abused’ FISA Process

Share Sen. Graham: FBI, DOJ Were 'Corrupt' in Clinton Email Probe, 'Abused' FISA Process Bret Baier sat down with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to discuss their call for the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate Department of Justice and FBI actions in the Russia probe and the investigation into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information. Share Continue Reading

‘That’s Not Helpful’: Democrats Criticize Hillary for Her Remarks About Trump Voters

Share Rand Paul Opposes Trump's Pick for CIA Director: She Seemed to 'Enjoy' Torture Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday the appointment of Gina Haspel as the head of the CIA is "the wrong kind of message to send to the world" due to her connection with interrogation and waterboarding. Share Continue Reading

LOOK: Students Across US Walk Out of School to Protest Gun Violence

Share GOP Lawmaker: Dems, 'Media Elites' Stopped Farrakhan-Obama Photo From Coming Out Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) said the media worked with the Democratic Party to prevent a years-old photo of former President Barack Obama and controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from surfacing until Obama was out of office. Share Continue Reading