By ordering new land-use plan, Trump could spark a fight in California deserts

"The BLM has plenty of terrific lifetime public servants," Frazier Haney, conservation director of the Mojave Desert Land Trust, said. "But at the end of the day, big land decisions are often not up to them, but to presidential administrations and high-level political appointees who can't seem to make up their minds." Continue Reading

Couple in bizarre kidnapping case settle with city for $2.5M

FILE - In this July 13, 2015 file photo, Denise Huskins, left, and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn listen as their attorneys speak at a news conference in Vallejo, Calif. The couple that police detectives wrongly accused of fabricating the woman's kidnapping from their home has reached a $2.5 million settlement with the city of Vallejo and its police department. The Times-Herald via AP, File Mike Jory FILE - In this July 13, 2015 file photo, Denise Huskins, left, and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn listen as their attorneys speak at a news conference in Vallejo, Calif. The couple that police detectives wrongly accused of fabricating the woman's kidnapping from their home has reached a $2.5 million settlement with the city of Vallejo and its police department. The Times-Herald via AP, File Mike Jory California Couple in bizarre kidnapping case settle with city for $2.5M The Associated Press LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Reddit Print Order Reprint of this Story March 16, 2018 09:26 AM VALLEJO, Calif. A couple that police detectives wrongly accused of fabricating the woman's kidnapping from their home has reached a $2.5 million settlement with the city of Vallejo and its police department. Vallejo police initially discounted the story told by Denise Huskins and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, that both were drugged and she was kidnapped by a masked intruder in March 2015. The kidnapper sexually assaulted Huskins and released her two days later outside her family's home in Huntington Beach. Police realized the couple was telling the truth only after the perpetrator, disbarred Harvard University-trained attorney Matthew Muller, was implicated in another crime. He's serving a 40-year prison term. Never miss a local story. Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. SUBSCRIBE NOW Quinn's mother, Marianne Quinn, tells the San Francisco Chronicle the couple reached the settlement Thursday.   Comments   Continue Reading

Model Kelly Brook’s 17,000-mile globetrotter holiday album

IT’S one Kel of a holiday album. Britain’s top pin-up, Kelly Brook, has already clocked up more than 17,000 air miles this year – cramming in trips to Iceland, California, France and Antigua, and as we showed you on Wednesday, Thailand – in the first ten weeks  of  2018. And over the past 13 months her total is closer to 25,000 miles, with visits to Rome, the South of France, New York and Bodrum in Turkey. Luckily, 38-year-old Kelly loves to share her travel snaps on Instagram, which is packed with pics of her trips. Here, AMY READING leafs through her hefty holiday album.Oxford MARCH 12, 2017: Soho Farmhouse, Great Tew, Oxon Disneyland APRIL 19, 2017: Disneyland Provence JULY 15, 2017: Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, South of France MOST READ IN CELEBRITYSCRUBBED DOWN Courtney Stodden shares x-rated shower video after filing for divorce BACK TO HER BREAST Katie Price shows off second facelift...but no one's looking at her face NEW WHEELS 'Broke' Danniella Westbrook is all smiles as she picks up new £65,000 Land Rover Furry nice Katie Price jumps for joy as she celebrates a win at Cheltenham Festival ROYAL LOVE-IN Did Prince Harry raise his eyebrows at Liam Payne because he's Team Cheryl? St Tropez JULY 19, 2017: The French Riviera Italy SEPTEMBER 3, 2017: Frosinone, 50 miles south of Rome Iceland JANUARY 22, 2018: Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Grindavík Antigua FEBRUARY 7, 2018: West Indies Miami FEBRUARY 13, 2018: Florida California FEBRUARY 14, 2018: West Hollywood Paris FEBRUARY 25, 2018 Thailand MARCH 11, 2018: Phuket Kelly Brook gets emotional thinking about her dad not being at her wedding after his death in 2007 Continue Reading

‘Important Alert!’ Oakland Mayor Warned Businesses With Illegal Alien Employees Before Announcing ICE Raid

Newly-released emails reveal that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who helped criminal illegal aliens evade deportation by announcing a planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid before it took place, also allegedly warned businesses that hire illegal aliens ahead of her announcement with an “Important alert!” message. Last month, Schaaf told Bay Area media that ICE would be conducting an arrest raid for criminal illegal aliens, as Breitbart News reported. Subsequently, ICE blamed her for helping illegal aliens — including those with sex crime convictions, drunk driving convictions, and armed robbery convictions — escape arrest and deportation.Before making her public warning to illegal aliens in Oakland, though, emails obtained by CBS San Francisco reveal that Schaaf apparently warned businesses with potential illegal alien employees to help the employees avoid being arrested and deported by ICE. “Important Alert! Credible information ICE Raids in Oakland Sunday 2/25 and Monday 2/26,” the message from the mayor’s office to a local business group, the Oakland Indie Alliance reads. “This information comes directly from the Mayor.”Those businesses who reportedly received the warning from Schaaf in to protect their illegal alien employees allegedly included: The emails also apparently reveal that Schaaf was allegedly in contact with a local open borders group, Centro Legal de la Raza, which helps illegal aliens obtain attorneys to avoid deportations. The emails between the group and Schaaf reportedly show that they were in touch before her announcement, speaking specifically about what employers can do during a raid by ICE. Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s told Breitbart News exclusively that he is working with ICE officials and attorneys who are investigating Schaaf for obstruction of justice. Sessions said (emphasis added): I believe that the mayor made a Continue Reading

Giliran Wozniacki pula tersingkir

CALIFORNIA 14 Mac.- Pemain nombor dua dunia, Caroline Wozniacki menjadi pemain pilihan terbaharu disingkirkan pada pusingan keempat kejohanan Terbuka BNP Paribas selepas dikecewakan oleh pemain Rusia Daria Kasatkina 6-4, 7-5. Kasatkina melebarkan rekod kemenangan kepada 11-6 ke atas Wozniacki, malah dia turut menewaskan pemain dari Denmark itu dua kali berturut-turut untuk tahun ini iaitu kemenangan pertama pada di St. Petersburg bulan lalu. Pemain Rusia itu bakal bertemu dengan pilihan ketujuh kejohanan Caroline Garcia dari Perancis atau pemain Jerman Angelique Kerber pada aksi suku akhir nanti. - AFP
 Continue Reading

Report: Homeless Deaths Go Uncounted in Bay Area

Many local governments in the San Francisco Bay Area have failed to keep tabs on the number of homeless people that have died in the area, according to a report. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Alameda County and other local governments in the San Francisco Bay Area do not keep records on the number of homeless people that die per year or their causes of death.Even if Alameda County collected the data, both the state government and federal government do not require that such data needs to be collected. The Chronicle investigated several state and federal agencies—including county health departments, coroners’ and medical examiners’ offices, the California Department of Public Health, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and found that none had records of homeless deaths.Of the agencies that do try to keep records of how many homeless people die, they have no guidelines about how they should determine whether someone died homeless. Even if agencies determine that a person is homeless, that information may never appear on the death certificate, according to the report. While agencies fail to count the number of deceased homeless people, the number of homeless people in the area has increased by 25 percent over the past two years. Continue Reading

Los Angeles Public School Teacher Filmed Hitting Trump Pinata with Students

A Los Angeles-area public school has come under fire after a video of a teacher and students hitting a Donald Trump pinata was posted online. A teacher at a Saddleback Valley United High School has reportedly come under fire after a video of a class hitting a Donald Trump pinata went viral online. The incident allegedly happened during a Spanish class but school officials have refused to provide details, including the teacher’s name. “This activity was not condoned, or approved, by the district, nor Laguna Hills High School”, said district spokesperson Mark Perez said in a comment to a local CBS affiliate. “Personnel matters are confidential, and therefore, it is our policy to not comment on situations involving employees.”A tweeted highlighted by Yahoo News claims that two Spanish teachers were suspended after the video of the class went viral online. “Two of our Spanish teachers were suspended as of today because of a Donald Trump piñata. We thought it was okay to use one for a quince and our teachers did too. Apparently it was just way too much and “disgraceful” according to the office,” the user wrote. Continue Reading

Serena teruskan rentak cemerlang

CALIFORNIA 11 Mac – Serena Williams meneruskan rentak kecemerlangannya selepas kembali beraksi di gelanggang tenis apabila mencatat kemenangan 7-6(5) 7-5 ke atas Kiki Bertens dalam Terbuka BNP Paribas sekali gus bertemu dengan kakaknya, Venus di pusingan ketiga kejohanan. Serena yang kembali beraksi selepas berehat panjang selama setahun kerana melahirkan bayi, terpaksa bekerja keras terlebih dahulu sebelum menewaskan pemain pilihan ke-29 dari Belanda itu. “Dia bermula dengan baik. Saya hanya fikir saya perlu meneruskan cabaran dan buat yang terbaik. Saya gembira kerana berjaya melepasinya. Selebih­nya saya anggap sebagai bonus. Venus mara ke pusingan ketiga selepas menewaskan pemain dari Romania, Sorana Cirstea 6-3, 6-4. Pertemuan itu merupakan pertembungan paling awal bagi kedua-dua adik-beradik tersebut dalam kejohanan profesional selepas bertemu dalam pusingan kedua Terbuka Australia pada 1998. – REUTERS Continue Reading

Shocking moment two helicopters are destroyed when their rotors collide

THIS is the moment two police helicopters were completely destroyed when their rotor blades collided. The horrifying accident happened at a California heliport as one police chopper was flying in and another was getting ready for takeoff. Cops said six people were injured in the November 17 crash, including five officers aboard the helicopters plus someone on the ground. None of the injuries were reported to be serious. CCTV of the horrific smash was recently released showing the moments leading up the crash. The Bell OH-58 helicopter is seen being pulled on to the pad while the pilot prepares for takeoff - but then a second chopper comes in to land. MOST READ IN NEWSSLICE SAVED LIFE Midwife slashed open lover's throat after he choked and almost died at BBQ DISEASE X Global pandemic of mystery disease could wipe out humanity, top scientists warn LIFTING THE LID Married couple paralysed after eating canned green beans that ‘smelled off’ A FATHER’S RAGE Moment dad ‘chokes school bully, 14, who'd been picking on stepdaughter’ THAILAND BLAZE Tourists hospitalised after inferno rips through Thai red light district DEAD COLD Inside the remote icy town where the locals are not allowed to DIE The pilot in the second helicopter manoeuvres the aircraft on to the pad when its rotor blades strike the first helicopter's blades. The collision causes the rotor blades to rip apart and fly in different directions. Both aircraft were destroyed, with debris strewn across across the heliport. Meanwhile a man who was standing on the pad at the time of the crash was knocked to the ground. But footage showed him leaping up and dashing away from the wreckage towards safety as the pilots from both helicopters climb out of their severely smashed up helicopters.  We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at [email protected] or call 0207 782 4368. We pay for videos too. Continue Reading

Empat maut di California

CALIFORNIA 10 Mac - Tiga orang wanita dan seorang penyerang ditemukan mati selepas satu insiden tembak menembak di Veterans Home, California. BBC melaporkan, kejadian di Yountville berlaku apabila seorang lelaki memasuki bangunan tersebut dengan membawa raifal dan menjadikan mereka yang berada di dalamnya sebagai tebusan. Veterans Home merupakan pusat jagaan veteran tentera terbesar di Amerika Syarikat (AS), menempatkan 1,000 bekas tentera termasuk yang berkhidmat dalam Perang Dunia Kedua. Peronda Lebuhraya California, Ketua Asisten Chris Childs berkata: “Ketika pegawai polis memasuki bilik di mana tebusan dirasakan berada, mereka me­nemui tiga mayat wanita dan seorang penyerang lelaki.” Ketiga-tiga tebusan itu difahamkan adalah pekerja kaunseling program rawatan masalah tekanan selepas trauma (PTSD)di pusat jagaan yang terletak di Lembah Napa, utara San Francisco. Bagaimanapun, indentiti lelaki itu masih lagi belum didedahkan dan dipercayai tidak mempunyai sebarang kaitan dengan mana-mana mangsa. Penyerang berusia 36 tahun dipercayai bekas veteran tentera yang menyertai program PTSD. Childs juga berkata, insiden itu adalah sesuatu yang tragis dan tiada sesiapa mahukan peristiwa itu berlaku. Katanya, timbalan sherif tempatan adalah yang pertama sampai di tempat kejadian sebelum terlibat dalam berbalas-­balas tembakan lebih awal dengan ­suspek. “Kami menyanjung tindakan yang diambilnya untuk menghalang suspek daripada keluar dan mencari mangsa sete­rusnya,” kata beliau. Dalam satu perkembangan lain, The National Rifle Association telah menyaman kerajaan negeri Florida yang ditadbir oleh Gabenor Rick Scott selepas beliau menguatkuasa undang-­un­dang kawalan senjata berikutan insiden tembakan di sekolah yang mengorbankan 17 pelajar. Continue Reading