Olympian Chloe Kim is on Kellogg’s Gold Medal Edition Corn Flakes box

Snowboarding prodigy Chloe Kim stole the show at her Winter Olympics debut in PyeongChang in more than one way. When she wasn’t breaking records on the halfpipe, she was making us laugh on Twitter – nervously chattering about ice cream, churros, and being hangry as a consequence of not finishing her pre-run breakfast sandwich. To celebrate the 17-year-old’s incredible gold medal win, Kellogg’s has announced that the American athlete will be featured on the next Gold Medal Edition box of Corn Flakes. “It is so crazy to see myself on a box of Kellogg’s cereal,” Kim said in a release. “Winning a gold medal is a dream come true and commemorating it with a Gold Medal Edition Corn Flakes box makes it even more special. This is all so exciting!” The Gold Medal Edition Kellogg’s Corn Flakes collectible cereal box was offered as a limited-time only item to members on KelloggsFamilyRewards.com, but it is already sold out. You can keep up with the standout star instead on her hilarious Twitter page and the February 21 episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. https://twitter.com/chloekimsnow/status/966676870015209479 For more breakfast foods and insight into products that are slightly weird, check out these 13 bizarre cereals you won’t believe ever existed. View slideshow more olympic stories Red Stripe Comes to the Rescue, Buys Jamaican Bobsled Team a New Sled at the Olympics Molly Yeh’s Olympic Cake Is a Perfect 10 Norway’s Olympic Team Accidentally Ordered 15,000 Eggs Due to Translation Mix-Up

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