Message in a bottle connects families from across the Pacific

  HAGÅTÑA, Guam — A family from Washington received an unexpected but heartwarming surprise, that word of their message in a bottle sent from beaches of California, had floated miles across the Pacific Ocean and landed on Guam’s shores nearly three years later.    A few months following the passing of their father Robert “Bob” Mahan, his daughter Wanda Roberts and her family sent their father’s legacy on a voyage from a beach in Navarro in Sept. 9, 2015. During one his fishing trips hunting lobster and crab, Edward Paulino, resident of Inarajan, discovered the bottle on Feb. 3, 2018, on the shores of Malojloj. The pink bottle, now faded from overexposure to water and sun, safeguarded its contents. Edward Paulino, unbeknownst to him, opened the bottle to find the life legacy and memories of a family from Washington, and shared his findings with his daughter, who was in complete disbelief at first. “My father enjoys collecting interesting items on the beach,” said Gerika Paulino, daughter of Edward Paulino . “He told me about it a couple days later,” she said. “He was really excited and pushed me to contact the family.” She also said that finding a message in a bottle is a once in a lifetime chance. “It’s amazing that the bottle traveled such a long distance.” Social media With the help of social media, she reached out to Wanda Roberts, a couple days after the bottle was found. “Greetings from Guam … I’m pleased to inform you that your message in a bottle has successfully traveled… [Read full story]

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