Beard: Light is at end of Pistons’ tunnel

Detroit — Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy saw this coming. He knew then and he knows now what his team is: good, but not great. They have pock marks that fans and national pundits don’t see readily, so he cringed a couple weeks ago when the Pistons jumped out to a 10-3 start. When they were 14-6, following wins at Oklahoma City and at Boston, plus a home win over the Phoenix Suns, the accolades kept coming. Whether he’ll admit it or not, he knew this stretch, with four on the road, plus two against the Warriors and Celtics, was looming. After Sunday’s 91-81 loss pushed their losing streak to six and the luster had worn off, he’s hoping things can get back to normal — back to a reasonable reality. “When everybody was talking about how great we were at 10-3, I kept saying that things can change quickly in this league — and they have on us — but they can change quickly back the other way, too,” Van Gundy said Sunday. “Generally, what I’m trying to do is tell them the truth but also trying to provide a little bit of balance when everybody else is kissing their ass and telling them they’re the greatest thing in the world, I’m trying to bring them back.” Maybe some of the players believed it, but the fans were leery from the beginning. It’s been a staple of sports fans in this town, to just dip a toe in the… [Read full story]

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