Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

News commentary Some morning newspaper stories that need common sense and logic review: + The NAACP is upset that children will be attending school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We had a hurricane, days were needed to be made up and special attention will be made in class that day to honor Dr. King. I would assume Dr. King would be more than overjoyed students went to class on his special day. + Some states are changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Really? Besides peeving off the Italians, are the rest of us supposed to feel guilty for him discovering North America for Europe? I truly believe he had no ill intentions. + New York is pondering not paying legislators who committed crimes. Why did you they pay them in the first place? I try to be polite and hold doors open for people. Remember when that used to be the norm? So now when I do that and don’t get a thank you and not even an acknowledgment of my existence, I make it a point to go visit Mr. and Mrs. Rude and their children and give them a big thank you for allowing me to hold the door for them. Shame on me. Recently I read about how proud an actress was because she had the opportunity to play a “no gender” person. Do we need to be so classified? We are Americans, everyone mixing together and making a whole. Bless all of you. If… [Read full story]

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