Letters to the Editor, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

Columnist a treasure I always look forward to Marla Ottenstein’s column on the first Friday of the month. Not only is she informative, but entertaining. She gives great ideas and insight with a little chuckle. It’s like sitting and having a conversation with a friend. This is a rare combination to find. Once again, I look forward to her humor and ideas especially in this day and time of such negativity. What a true treasure of Naples Daily News. Lisa Zumstein, Naples   Preserve history I am from Arkansas, but I am not a racist. In the Navy, my best friend was an African-American from New York. I love people from all races, creeds and religions. I do think it is foolish to destroy all the statues and memorabilia from our historic past, including the Civil War. These are history and not racism. Some do represent terrible things from our past, but they are still history and good reminders of bad things that have happened. The Egyptian pyramids were all built by slaves. Maybe they should be destroyed if our logic about the Civil War is correct. Maybe they should be kept as reminders of bad actions. I doubt they will be destroyed. James Hampton, M.D., Naples   Will never accept disrespect I love football. I played football until a knee injury forced my parents to say, “No more.” I grew up loving the Ohio Buckeyes, the Cleveland Browns and, later, the Cincinnati Bengals. After moving to the Chicago area I loved… [Read full story]

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