Letters to the Editor, Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

Cancellation bad for country, world President Donald Trump’s administration’s decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan — and promote coal use — is clearly bad for the planet’s future. More importantly, this one will begin harming Americans very quickly. Coal plants release a lot of pollutants, including mercury (which damages children’s brains) and particulate matter, including bits of unburned coal small enough for people to inhale. These bits of coal cause asthma, strokes, lung damage and heart attacks. So the rollback of the Clean Power Plan is bad for nearly everyone. We don’t need to burn coal, a dirty source of energy, to satisfy our energy needs, and the Trump administration knows that. It’s all about playing to a relatively small number of coal miners and money for the pockets of the mining companies. The government can and should provide programs to help miners make the transition into a job market that doesn’t include digging coal out of the ground. It would be a small price to pay for cleaner, healthier air. Theodore Brown, Bonita Springs   Ignoring violence in American society What I found to be astonishing besides the scale of the attack in Las Vegas was the quickness with which it was declared not to be a “terrorist” operation. Some were relieved to hear it was just another “lone wolf” single shooter with no obvious motivation. But what if it was a terrorist plot by a declared enemy? How would the public and government officials have reacted to this… [Read full story]

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