From Geist mansion to homeless, Marcus Schrenker’s daughter struggles to move on

The voice on the other end of the phone says she has a story for me. She sounds young — not a girl, but young. She asks me if I remember Marcus Schrenker. I hesitate for a moment, remember something about a rich businessman involved in a fraud and do a quick library search. My fog lifts. “Do you mean the guy who jumped out of an airplane and faked his death?” That’s the one, she says. The voice tells me Schrenker has a daughter. Her name is Alyssa. At times, since her father went to prison, the daughter has been homeless. Recently, though, she started an account on GoFundMe, the online fundraising site. She’s trying to raise money for college. The voice wants to know if I’m interested in a story about that. Yes, I say. There may be a story there. I ask for Alyssa’s contact information. That’s when the voice hesitates. And then she comes clean. “It’s me. I’m Alyssa.” The third-person story pitch is a bit peculiar. Yet, as I soon learn, the life of Alyssa Schrenker has followed a peculiar path. Later, she will say she was nervous. And as I attempt to pick through the pieces of her story, I’ll come to understand more of the reasons why. The most obvious is that Schrenker, now 20, is only nine years removed from witnessing one of the most epic meltdowns a girl could watch a father have, one that made international headlines and flipped her world… [Read full story]

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