TV tonight: ‘Jane the Virgin’ returns, ‘Odd Couple’

A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story Lifetime gives a TV airing to this award-winning festival circuit documentary. Born with a rare condition that stops her from gaining weight, Velasquez was bullied from childhood on, but that abuse was limited to her school and neighborhood — until someone posted a video calling her “The World’s Ugliest Woman.” Though the video brought her unwanted national attention, this film (directed by Sara Hirsh Bordo and featuring music by Sara Bareilles) recounts her successful efforts to use that attention to help others. Jane the Virgin Jane is back, and ready to answer that big, lingering question: Is Jane about to become a widow before she really had a chance to be a bride? Odds are no — but hey, stranger things have happened in telenovelas. The Odd Couple TV can be a strange business. Having done some fine work on Mr. Sunshine and Go On, only to see both fail to find an audience, Matthew Perry now returns for a third season of The Odd Couple — a show where his work at times might best be described as “disinterested.” But look on the bright side. Every week that Odd Couple survives is another opportunity for this talented star to kick his performance and series into a higher gear.

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