Readers sound off on Times Square plaza, Heather Bresch and Joe Girardi

Times Square no place for plaza Woodside: With the two bombs placed in midtown Manhattan, New Yorkers were very lucky that there were no fatalities. Immediately after the bomb blast, the NYPD put the Times Square pedestrian plaza on lockdown, prohibiting any pedestrian movement and completely searching it. This time the city was lucky. No bombs were found and none exploded in Times Square. If terrorists wanted to kill many people with one bomb, they would choose Times Square. The Bloomberg administration made a very big error in creating the Times Square pedestrian plaza, which is a mass catastrophe waiting to happen. Former Commissioner Bill Bratton wanted to remove the plaza and to restore the area back to what it was before. Now it remains a magnet for international terrorists. The city should take immediate steps to get rid of the plaza and restore it as a traffic artery vital to Midtown, which is what it was before the half-brained idea created a public danger. Michael Hajovsky Grade for chancellor Bayside: Carmen Fariña was never elected to any office, and the man who appointed her was elected by the lowest voter turnout in New York City history. If she wants second graders to read at grade level, she should go back to basics and let reading aloud by students back into the classroom. And restore Brooklyn-Queens Day, instead of appropriating it to glorify herself. Peggy Graham Chill on Hil Queens Village: We crucify Hillary Clinton for taking back her husband… [Read full story]

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