Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump – a look at who the sports world is endorsing

Now that we have officially determined the two presumptive nominees for president, it’s about time we look at what matters most — their sports experience. Many presidents have been known for their sporting prowess. Teddy Roosevelt was an avid outdoorsman. Eisenhower was a linebacker at West Point. Gerald Ford played football at Michigan. Richard Nixon installed bowling lanes in the White House and Barack Obama could sink a 20-footer. But Trump and Clinton? Well, one more so than the other. Clinton, born in Chicago, grew up a Cubs fan but then things get a little murky for the democratic candidate. When she ran for New York’s seat on the Senate in 1999 she suddenly announced her affinity for the Yankees, telling Katie Couric on the Today Show, “I’ve always been a Yankees fan… I needed an American League team because when you’re from Chicago you can not root for both the Cubs and the (White) Sox, there’s a dividing line there. So as young girl I became very enamored with the Yankees.” There’s even a book out there titled “I’ve Always Been A Yankee Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words” and on the cover is a photo of Clinton pointing to a Cubs hat she’s wearing. Clinton played softball and basketball as a young girl and claims to have won a mixed-doubles tennis tournament in Arkansas. On the other side, Trump plays golf frequently, fitting since he owns 17 golf clubs around the world, including the recently opened Trump… [Read full story]

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