Caitlyn Jenner’s fantasy: Walk Paris runway with daughter Kendall Jenner during Fashion Week

Modeling may be in the family, if Caitlyn Jenner has her way. The “I am Cait” star has high runway dreams, revealing her fantasy to join supermodel daughter Kendall Jenner on a Paris catwalk. KENDALL JENNER, GIGI HADID SWAP HAIR FOR PARIS FASHION WEEK “One thing on my bucket list is to do a runway show with my daughter, right at the end with Kendall, during Paris Fashion Week,” she admitted to E! News. The 66-year-old said she realizes the fashion aspiration might not be possible. “I don’t know if I’m going to work that one out, but it is a fantasy of mine,” she confessed. Part of the wish stemmed from the transgender activist’s desire to return to Paris since transitioning. The reality starlet was last in the city for Kim Kardashian’s wedding in 2014. “I have been to Paris and to France, but never as my true authentic self. So, for me, I would love to travel at this point,” she explained. “Going back authentically, honestly I think I would be a lot more into the culture, the history of the city, all of those types of things. I honestly never really liked going out. Now, I actually do,” she continued. No word on how her daughter feels about the “fantasy.” Though, the 20-year-old wasn’t too pleased with Caitlyn Jenner during her Victoria Secret Fashion Show — and that was with her only being in the audience. The dreams of strutting down a Paris runway come on the… [Read full story]

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