MAC honors Caitlyn Jenner with lipstick, Finally Free, and all sales go to AIDS/trans charity

Caitlyn Jenner’s latest coup is sealed with a kiss — from MAC The cosmetics giant has honored Jenner with a lipstick, Finally Free. “MAC was the first to come to me, and a company, I realized, would really make a big commitment,” Jenner said in an article posted on the cosmetic company’s website. CAILYN JENNER FILES TRADEMARK FOR COSMETIC LINE IN HER NAME “I knew the VIVA GLAM campaigns; I saw that the proceeds were going, in those cases, mainly to AIDS and HIV causes, and I was wondering if they were interested in doing something specifically geared toward trans issues because we need funding,” she continued. It’s been nine months since Jenner came out about her transition. All proceeds from the $17 tube, a cream sheen, will go to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative. She spoke with the company about what it means to be Finally Free. “I worried for 50 years, if I ever did this, what would the reaction be?” Jenner said. “I never, in my wildest dreams, ever thought it would be as positive for me as it has been.” Jenner’s signature empathy is on display as she recognizes most transgender people are not as lucky. CAITLYN: MORE ‘FLAK’ FOR POLITICS THAN TRANSGENDER IDENTITY “So, for me, it’s been an amazing experience, but I’ve also learned that I am the exception to the rule. I certainly am not the rule,” she said. “The horror stories I’ve heard of homelessness, and of what we call ‘survival… [Read full story]

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