Experts worry that Donald Trump’s opposition to common vaccinations might lead to outbreaks

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump’s White House bid is leaving some people feeling queasy – but it’s his opposition to common vaccinations that could make people sick. Trump has long trumpeted his false belief that the common vaccine to prevent measles, mumps and rubella has a direct link to rising rates of autism in the U.S. And while most experts predict his presidential campaign will eventually collapse, they worry his spreading of the conspiracy could convince more parents not to vaccinate their kids, and lead to outbreaks of measles and other dangerous diseases that vaccines had all but wiped out in the U.S. Donald Trump makes over-the-top entrance into Iowa State Fair “As a political scientist I think it’s extremely unlikely he’ll win the nomination, but his prominence does run the risk of bringing his views on vaccines back in the spotlight,” said Dartmouth University Professor Brendan Nyhan, who has done research on why the anti-vaccine movement’s conspiracy theories have been so hard to dispel. “Of the things he says that are wrong this is the most direct threat to your and your children’s health.” That threatens not just the children who don’t get inoculated but the entire society, as outbreaks can occur. Current vaccination rates have dipped dangerously close to the level at which everyone is protected – roughly 95 percent of the overall population. Measles had been eliminated in the U.S. by 2000 but has come back alongside the anti-vaccine movement. One outbreak traced to Disneyland spread to 14… [Read full story]

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