Ex-Boy Scout volunteer arrested for molesting boys 30 years after complaint filed with Boy Scouts of America

It took nearly three decades for an ex-Boy Scouts volunteer in Arizona to face criminal charges after a confidential complaint to the Boy Scouts of America peeled away at a sex house of horrors. Police arrested William Challberg, 66, on Thursday on suspicion of sex crimes against several victims including a teenager he met in a Phoenix troop and groomed for sexual relations over several months, according to a complaint filed by the victim’s father in 1986. Charging documents identify at least five victims of sexual abuse in a case against Challberg and his longtime roommate, Julian Mendoza 51, who police arrested as well for alleged sex crimes. The unnamed victim described in the 1986 Boy Scouts of America complaint is now 45-years-old. Phoenix police arrested William Challberg, 66, (left) and his longtime roommate, Julian Mendoza, 51, (right) for dozens of alleged sex crimes against minors spanning several decades. Documents show Challberg, a former bus driver in Phoenix, met his victims after he joined the Boy Scouts of America at 29 to video tape events for local troops. The encounters detailed in the complaint didn’t start until 1983 when Challberg was at a conference in New Jersey and tried to hypnotize the victim and other children. The brunt of the assaults took place at Challberg’s home over several months in 1984 where drug and alcohol-fueled parties led to naked showers and massages as other children watched. When the victim spoke to investigators nearly 30 years later, he described a particular… [Read full story]

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