Nevada woman rescued by brother after becoming trapped in Sierra Nevada Mountains with boyfriend for six days

A Nevada woman who went missing in the snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains for six days was found by her own brother while she was crawling along a road looking for help. Paula Lane, 46, and her boyfriend, Roderick Clifton, 44, had been missing since Nov. 29. Clifton died in the snow going for help after the two became stuck when they decided to pull off the highway and go off-roading in a remote region of Alpine County near Highway 88, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The two were coming from visiting Clifton’s relatives in Sacramento County and were headed back home to Gardnerville, Nev. Alpine County authorities said Clifton wanted to test out his new Jeep Cherokee in the snow and became stuck in the mud a few miles down a dirt road on Thursday night. The two did not have cell service and spent the night in the car. The next morning, Clifton decided to go for help, the Chronicle reported. Lane begged him not to go. Roderick Clifton via Facebook/KCRA Roderick Clifton, left, was found dead after going missing for about a week in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Paula Lane was found by her brother crawling along a dirt road near Highway 88 in Alpine County, Calif. Dreamstime Above, the Sierra Nevada mountains. Authorities said Clifton drove off the highway and wanted to test out his Jeep Cherokee in the snow when the pair became stuck.  Three days later, he had not returned, and Lane set off on… [Read full story]

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