Former RNC chairman Michael Steele to join MSNBC; was reportedly considering posts at Fox, CNN

He’s back! Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele will officially join MSNBC as a contributor, the network announced Monday. “It’s an honor to contribute and engage in the dialogue on MSNBC. … I look forward to engaging a diverse audience to share insights and analysis about the people, issues and events shaping America’s future,” Steele said in a statement released by the network. “I’m sure our discussions will be both informative and a bit spirited!” Steele, the first African-American boss of the RNC, was ousted from the post in January after two years. His term was littered with embarrassing sound bites and lackluster fund-raising. While his term angered many Republicans, his legacy leaves many excited – At least for the entertainment value. “Michael Steele to MSNBC. This should be good,” one user tweeted shortly after the announcement. “Betcha they’ll be watching the expense account,” another user added, referencing the embarrassing tales of Steele spending RNC money frivolously. Some of Steele’s most embarrassing gaffes even came during earlier appearances on MSNBC. Last October he admitted to Lawrence O’Donnell that he had no idea what the minimum wage was. “You really like the minimum wage, don’t you?” he joked after O’Donnell pressed him to name the number. At times, however, Steele could be an engaging speaker – and suggested to CNN in 2009 that his blunders weren’t exactly complete mistakes. “I am very introspective about things,” Steele said. “I don’t do – I am a cause-and-effect kind of guy. So If… [Read full story]

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