Baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn: Reinventing lost American desserts

Some call them abandoned desserts — cake and cookie recipes long relegated to a dusty kitchen drawer.Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, these long-forgotten sweets are just another challenge.Red Hook, are no strangers to giving treasured American classics a modern twist — like a sweet and salty brownie with homemade caramel and fleur de sel. How did Baked get started?Whoopie pie at Baked. How did brownies become your signature item?Valrhona cocoa powder and the best-quality chocolate. We still make all of them by hand.What inspired “Baked Explorations”?Any weird stuff?Jell-O salad was, but everywhere we went people had a Jell-O salad recipe that their mom used to make. I remade the most interesting one, which is a basic strawberry salad. It’s a pretzel base with a cream cheese and whipped cream filling — all handmade, not stuff out of a can — and a really nice strawberry Jell-O.Italy and it’s the heaviest cheesecake in the world, but it’s so good. Join the Conversation:

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