On Halloween, fantasy football duds like David Garrard and Darrius Heyward-Bey don disguises

Was that really a costume? Chances are you asked that very question a few times Sunday, and I don’t mean when that trick-or-treater dressed as Snooki showed up at your door. I mean during a topsy-turvy NFL Sunday. Perhaps because it was Halloween, we were treated to some rather strange performances. David Garrard spent the day masquerading as a Pro Bowler, and LeGarrette Blount disguised himself as a legit RB. And Darrius Heyward-Bey pretended he was a first-round pick (oh, wait, he was.) And those were just the highlights. Garrard’s getup was the most convincing. He was playing his first game after a Week 6 concussion, and he was on the road, where he’s traditionally struggled. But he still torched the Cowboys for four TD passes and rushed for another TD. It’s not a horrible idea to add Garrard to your roster after his bye next week, especially since his next opponent is a Texans’ defense that hasn’t stopped anybody. But there are risks: Garrard has followed his last three three-TD performances by tossing a pick in the next outing. I’m not sold on Garrard, but I am sold on the Cowboys’ defensive ineptitude. Garrard is the ultimate proof that Dallas can’t stop anyone, and that bodes well for struggling Aaron Rodgers in Week 9. Rodgers spent Sundayin his journeyman’s costume, with just 170 yards against the Jets. It was a performance that I expected – predicted on Fantasy Friday, actually. But he gets the Cowboys on Sunday, so expect… [Read full story]

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