Dallas Cowboys playoff chances – without Tony Romo – die with loss to David Garrard and Jaguars

Tuesday is the annual Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. It’s a festival laced with tradition as families honor their dead relatives by making sugar skulls, enjoying the favorite food and drinks of their dearly departed while also visiting gravesites bearing gifts. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Tuesday. But this whole Day of the Dead thing is a much bigger deal as Cowboy haters everywhere have been celebrating the demise of this team every weekend since early September. Sunday, the Jaguars got a chance to extend the celebration as Jon Kitna did his best “Night of the Living Dead” imitation at quarterback by tossing four INTS – two of which led to Jags touchdowns. On the flip side, the Cowboys seemed to pull off the impossible as they turned David Garrard (club record-tying four TD passes, one scoring run) into the second coming of Fran freakin’ Tarkenton. Though it hardly seems fair that Garrard logged his lofty numbers against a Dallas defense comprised primarily of the undead. Dallas is now 0-4 at home and off to its worst start since 1989. And those playoffs chances? They’re not undead. They’re just plain dead. DOA IN OTChina who are looking for a husband. The only glitch for prospective grooms is that the sisters, a pair of Kung Fu masters, want their guys to first pass a series of tests, including an archery competition, carrying boulders over sharpened sticks and then finally beating the sisters in hand-to-hand combat. (Memo… [Read full story]

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