Ikea’s new home in Red Hook

Next Wednesday, Swedish home furnishings mammoth IKEA will open its fourth store in the metropolitan area in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Perched on a 6.5-acre esplanade waterfront, with a free water taxi service from Pier 11 in lower Manhattan, it should become a regular weekend trip for some New Yorkers, but not necessarily for furniture. Two friends of mine, one five-months pregnant, recently went to the Paramus, N.J., store for inspiration for baby names from IKEA’s products. I can see their logic. There are some normal sounding names to be found like Viktor, Jules, Sigrid and Ofelia. Others, such as Lansa, Benno, Janne or Masen, could be name possibilities, but I’m not so sure about Gaspa, Melbu, Kaxig, Manga or Ringum. And there would be that constant nagging in the back of your mind, “Oh, my God, I named my baby after a lampshade.” My home renovations continue. Having taken out a wall, I decided that I needed some sort of separating device between the rooms. I took the free bus from Port Authority to IKEA’s Elizabeth, N.J., store and was amazed how quickly the bus filled up. I mean, it was a big bus. Bossy moms taking their student sons who apparently “knew nothing about bed linens,” interior designers clutching clips from magazines trying to match to IKEA equivalents, young couples starting their first arguments about the size of the television storage, and a few women I overheard who were going to “have a look around” but were really going… [Read full story]

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