Bungling the Willie Randolph saga? Wilpons turn network into must-see TV

As the Willie turns, his time spent on Omar Minaya’s rotisserie has produced a positive residual effect, albeit one of little solace to Mr. Randolph. Randolph’s job – his baseball career – now hinges on every move he makes, every play in the field, and every Mets at-bat. Mets games on Wilpon TV have become sudden-death baseball. Wins and losses are what determine a manager’s future. Wow, what a revelation. With Randolph, no one knows what ultimately will send him back to civilian life and card shows. No one knows where, how or when the ax man cometh – if he ever does. It’s hard determining if Mets brass (Minaya, Jeff and Fred Wilpon) even know. Their mysterious out-of-sight maneuverings suggest they are consulting a Ouija board to determine Randolph’s managerial future or lack thereof. Whether this is some sort of new-age business blueprint, or simply a blueprint for bungling, is for far greater minds to debate. It really doesn’t matter. Watching all this, like those who stayed up late last night to see if Randolph would be fired before the seventh inning, is not only intense, but riveting. No one is suggesting Shea honchos are keeping the drama alive to help juice SportsNet New York’s Mets ratings. Nonetheless, when a guy is tied to the railroad tracks, and the train is in sight, more than a few curious eyeballs will be watching. Yes, the soap opera quality of Willie’s World makes everyone involved – especially the broadcasters – a… [Read full story]

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